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Replacing an old dictation system or considering moving to voice recognition technology? We will listen and provide a solution that fits your budget and unique dictation requirements.


You've decided on a solution. Our staff will deploy the solution remotely or onsite and include user training and setting up your computers so that your dictation is system is efficient and simple to use.

Ongoing Support

Your dictation needs are ongoing. We will continue to support you with your new  equipment. We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that your dictation system is available 24/7.

Dragon Medical and Shexie Demonstration

Presents Dragon Medical 4 and Shexie. Dragon Medical is installed on the local Windows PC and Shexie is hosted on a remote server (RDP connection). Call 1300 255 900.

Dictation News

Digital dictation can be complex

We make it simple

Transcription companies will lock you into ongoing monthly contracts or per word costs - which never end. There are alternate solutions available - transcribe in-house or use Speech Recognition to radically drop your costs without any ongoing fees. You may wish to significantly improve the efficiency of your existing in-house transcription system. By understanding your needs, we can provide the best possible advice and ensure that you have a robust, efficient transcription system. We can also integrate Dragon Medical or Dragon Legal speech recognition.

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