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Dictate with your smartphone. Convenient, easy, affordable.
Ditch your bulk old voice recorder today. Dictate from anywhere, securely.

We offer you full mobility, without carrying a separate voice recorder.
Take control of your entire dictation workflow, no matter if you are in the office, at home or on the go.

Available for your iPhone or Android phone today.
Works with Apple OSX or Windows.

Call us now and start today with SpeechLive.

Need to upgrade your

Olympus Recorder?

Read this important update about Olympus dictation 
before upgrading your dictaphone.
There have been changes in dictation technology and services in the last six months due to COVID19.
Much more efficient and easier to use systems are now available. Talk to us today about your options for upgrading your Olympus dictation transcription equipment.


Medical Dictation

Dragon Medical One has arrived in Australia!

The power of the cloud and artificial intelligence delivers highly accurate instantaneous dictation directly into your medical records software.
Thousands of Australian doctors have already moved to Dragon Medical One.

What are you waiting for? 

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