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Dictation has changed

2021 is the year you will modernise your dictation.
Dictation Solutions has been selling voice recorders for almost 20 years. COVID19 and other technological changes have forced a changed in our dictation recommendations.
Most of our customer base has already moved to cloud-based dictation systems. Work from any location with cloud dictation.

Cloud is the future of dictation

Why upgrade to Cloud Dictation?

Ditch the bulk

No need to carry a bulky voice recorder. 

Easy to use smartphone app included with cloud. No need to charge or dock a recorder. Your smartphone does all the work. Ultra Convenient.

Send from Anywhere

Instantly send dictation via cloud

No need to dock a recorder.  Typist receives your diction in seconds from any location. Very simple to use compared to overly complex voice recorders. 

Always Available

Access dictations via web browser.

Compatible with Apple Mac OSX and Windows 10. Simple to use and to access. With a simple login your typist can access your dictations from anywhere.

SpeechLive - Cloud Dictation. Enquire now for immediate pricing to suit your practice.
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