Olympus Professional Voice Recorders

Why use a voice recorder when you have a recording app on an android or iPhone mobile?

If you require high quality transcription services you need the best in audio quality, security, ease of use, professional features and noise cancelling.
Phone applications are simply not designed to deliver this high fidelity and ease-of-use.
In particular, phone voice recording applications are not secure and are very poor at cancelling background noise. Are your recordings currently secure?

You spend a lot of time dictating. You will pay a lot more for your transcription and typing services if using an application on a phone compared to a professional digital voice recorder like the Olympus DS9500.

And there's one more major factor.
The Olympus and Philips Digital professional voice recorders interface directly to their dictation management software.
This dictation management software is loaded on the typist/transcription company computer and securely manages and receives the digital audio files from the Dictaphone.
The audio voice recordings are also fully accounted for, encrypted if need be and can be tracked for their typing status

In addition, the digital voice recorder management software can be interfaced directly into Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition. This  offers a huge benefit to legal and medical professionals who require expert dictation as it reduces their typing costs by up to 100%!

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