Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking (or Dragon Dictate) is the most advanced speech recognition software in the world. Dragon Dictate will allow you to speak directly into Windows-based software. Dragon Speaking a highly efficient way of creating documentation for doctors, lawyers and business professionals.

Dragon Professional  is a speech-recognition software designed for industry professionals, compatible with Windows 11 and 10. It offers accessibility tools and unparalleled accuracy for flawless dictation of emails, documents, and text-based files. It seamlessly integrates with MS Office versions from 2016-2021 and MS Teams, enabling effortless voice control of various functions, ideal for businesses that rely on Microsoft Office for their day-to-day operations. Upgrade to Dragon Professional vXX today to elevate your productivity and stay ahead of the competition. With a 10-minute set-up, it's the gold standard in speech-recognition software.

Dragon Medical One is a speech recognition software designed specifically for healthcare professionals. It allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to easily document patient care and other important information in real-time, improving clinical documentation accuracy and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. 

Dragon Professional Anywhere is a cloud-based speech recognition software that allows users to work from anywhere, on any device. It offers the same capabilities as Dragon Professional, but with the added flexibility and convenience of cloud-based technology.

Overall, Dragon speech recognition software offers numerous benefits for busy professionals and healthcare providers alike. Whether you are looking to improve productivity, reduce physical strain, or improve clinical documentation accuracy, Dragon has a solution that can help. 

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        Dragon Professional 16 Download

        Dragon Professional 16 Digital Download. Licenced for 1 user.  Compatible with Windows 10/11 Compatible with Microsoft Teams Compatible with Office 2016/2021 and Office 365 Official Australian Distributor. Buy with confidence. ---- NEW VERSION 16 NEW! Support for Windows 11 With new versions of popular software titles being released more frequently, it...

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        Dragon Professional 16 Upgrade

        A Dragon Professional 15 license key and installation is required to order this Dragon upgrade.  Digital Download Upgrade is for Dragon Professional Individual/Group v15 to v16 only. DO NOT ORDER THIS UPGRADE if you have Legal 13/14, Medical 2/3, Premium or Professional 12/13/14, Home or below. You will need a full licence....

        $499.00 $479.00 Add to cartAdd to cart

        New - Dragon Professional Anywhere

        New Dragon Professional Anywhere cloud system (1 year) Plus 12 Month access to Dragon Anywhere app for iPhone/Android Includes 1hr user training & and 12 months support Includes configuration and deployment service Designed for Windows PC. If you use a Mac, you can install DPA on your Windows server. ---- Components of...

        Dragon Medical One - GOLD

        GOLD PACKAGE - MOST POPULAR Save $200 this month only Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile subscription for one year Includes implementation with 1 hr user training & and 12 months support We will configure Dragon Medical One to work directly in your medical  Add a microphone as an option below or...

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        Dragon Medical One - Platinum

        Platinum Package Exclusive Benefits - Save $200 Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile (1 year/single user) Nuance PowerMic III Handheld digital microphone included. Instant download and setup. Unlimited one-on-one user training (remote) Auto-Text and macro creation personal service included. Enhanced Premium Support (rapid response) Includes configuration for DMO to work directly in your medical...

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        Dragon Medical One - Standard

        Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile subscription (1 year/single user) Power users should consider our Enhanced Premium DMO Packages - Gold & Platinum Immediate download and setup. Standard Technical Support Includes implementation with 1hr user remote training Includes configuration for DMO to work directly in your medical records  ---- Components of your New...

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        UPGRADE to Dragon Medical One

         Dragon Medical One Upgrade Upgrade any Dragon Dictate to DMO - Save $600 this Month Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile access for one year Includes user training, setup & and tech support Includes configuration for DMO to work directly in your medical records  Add a microphone as an option below or use the...

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