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- Medical Transcription Specialists

what is speech-to-text

Why pay for dictation? Voice Recognition is saving professionals tens of thousand per year.

Speech Recognition, Voice to text...Dragon Dictate?  Here's the straight answer.

Simply put, all these terms mean the same thing. You speak into a microphone and the words appear in the application or document you're working on.

This happens immediately and in real-time. You don't need to record your voice and send it to an expensive typing service. You don't need to pay an employee $70,000 a year to slowly type your dictation. You take control by directly speaking and completing the dictation immediately on the spot. Job done! It's a radical improvement in efficiency over traditional dictation methods. And its saving doctors, lawyers and business professionals tens of thousands of dollars per year in typing and transcription costs.
Why are you still paying for typing? Or even worse - typing yourself? You don't have time for that! Go Cloud today.

medical speech to text

Medical Doctors - Specialised Speech-to-Text 

Dragon Medical One integrates with your Electronic Health Records software. Simply place the cursor where you would normally type into the patient referral or notes section and start talking.

With multiple extensive specialist medical vocabularies, and an accuracy rate of 99%+, Dragon Medical One will transform your medical practice overnight. And it will save you thousands. Today is the day to make the change to medical speech-to-text. 

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Professionals, Government and Enterprise Speech to Text

Save your organisation time and money with cloud-hosted speech recognition for business, enterprise and the public sector. Dragon Professional Anywhere integrates directly into workflows to empower your workforce to create high-quality documentation.

A mobile app is included so you can access high quality speech recognition on your smartphone.

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voice to text
speech recognition

Students, small business and individuals

Use your voice to control your PC and power through paperwork. Need to get that 3000 word essay on paper? Dictate at 160 words per minute and get it done! Got a stack of emails to smash through? Create a voice macro to automate your responses.
Dragon Professional Individual is designed for busy individual people who want to maximise their personal efficiency.  Does not included the mobile app or enterprise/network/cloud features

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