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best voice recorder

The best voice recorder?

Dictation systems must be cloud enabled to ensure you can send your dictation from anywhere. 

Consequently, we  longer recommend the Olympus dictation recorders or ODMS transcription software for most clients. 
The new Philips SpeechLive Cloud dictation system is the best system in the world right now. SpeechLive is easier to use and more affordable than Olympus dictation, because the maintenance costs and support requirements are lower.
SpeechLive is far convenient because you can send your dictation from anywhere with your smartphone. You no longer need to carry, dock and charge a separate recorder!
Your typist and transcriptionist can work from anywhere because the cloud system is accessible from a simple web browser on Mac or Windows.

There is no reason to persist with the complexity and cost of the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS). Fill out the below form now.

Dictation Solutions are no longer recommending the Olympus DS9500 or DS9000 voice recorders. There are much better cloud solutions available that are more reliable, easy to use, highly secure and are completely mobile - allowing you to work from anywhere without charging, carrying and docking a bulky, expensive voice recorder. 

Cloud is superior to any existing dictation system

Voice Recorder & Dictation Guide

Choosing the right dictation and transcription system

For years, doctors and lawyers relied on traditional micro-tape recorders for dictation.

Micro tape recorders are no longer popular, as the audio quality is insufficient, and tape orders are simply not reliable or secure compared to modern digital equipment.

So, for the past 15 years or so doctors and lawyers have relied on digital voice recorders to fill their dictation requirements. The primary dictation recorders in use in Australia were the Olympus DS4000, DS5000 and DS7000 range of professional Dictaphones. The new Olympus DS9500 was released, however many clients are having difficulties understanding the complex functions of the recorder, such as the email and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Dictation Solutions Australia are no longer recommending the Olympus DS9500 or DS9000 voice recorders. There are much better solutions available that are more reliable, easy to use, more secure and are completely mobile - allowing you to work from anywhere without charging, carrying and docking a bulky, expensive voice recorder.

Of course, the voice recorder is only half the requirement. You also need dictation software with foot pedals and a headset to ensure that your typist can efficiently produce the text. The Olympus ODMS dictation/transcription system has been widespread use in Australia up until recently.

Due to the release of Windows 10, many medical and legal practices had issues upgrading their ODMS software to the latest version. This was expensive and required technical expertise to setup. The audio recordings must also be sent from the author to the typist over a network or email. This is been problematic and complex to set up for the Olympus ODMS system.

We are no longer recommending the Olympus Dictation & Transcription system.
We are no longer supporting Olympus software voice recorders.
Philips Speechlive Cloud is superior in every way.

This Olympus dictation system has proved problematic and expensive for clients. The Olympus dictation software will still need to be maintained and upgraded regularly to meet new security and compliance requirements. This service will no longer be offered.

You can purchase Olympus voice recorders and software from this website, and full warranties will be honoured. However, we will no longer be offering annual technical support and advice about deploying the Olympus recorders and software.

We have a number of new cloud-based packages available which will enable you to use your smart phone as your primary dictation device. The Philip Speechlive system is convenient, cost-effective, easy to use and simple to maintain. This lowers the total cost of ownership and lowers the support costs compared to the older dictation systems.

Additionally, many doctors and lawyers have moved to Dragon Naturally Speaking to automatically transcribed their voice into text, as you can now dictate directly into medical records software and legal management software. If you're able to access a Windows computer, then direct dictation into your records management system is absolutely the best way to go. More information about the Dragon Medical and Dragon Legal systems .

Dragon Professional and Dragon Legal can be integrated into the Philip Speechlive cloud system.
That will allow you to make dictations with your smart phone and have the text automatically transcribed on your Windows computer. This is very convenient and highly cost-effective compared to typing services.

So how do you choose the right voice recorder for your business needs?

You don't need to. You already have a sophisticated voice recorder in your pocket.
Your iPhone or Android smartphone.

If you still prefer the mechanical slider switch of a traditional voice recorder then a cloud enabled recorder is available -  Philips SpeechAir voice recorder. This new cloud voice recorder has an app which will automatically send your dictation to your typist by a Wi-Fi connection.

The Philip speech air voice recorder has a studio-quality filter that will increase the accuracy of your voice while reducing ambient sound so your words are clear and crisp in the recording.

Digital Edit/Append Features

Both the Philip Speechlive smart phone app and the Philip speech air cloud enabled voice recorder have the digital edit and append capability.
Digital edit and append effectively makes your audio recording as easy to edit as an old tape recorder. You can rewind mid-dictation and over-write a previous section.

Security Features

During file transfer to and from SpeechLive uses the secure HTTPS protocol. While in the cloud storage, all data is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.
SpeechLive is hosted in a Microsoft data centre in Australia. This ensures that you are meeting your Australian regulatory and compliance requirements for medical and legal use.

Apple and Windows Compatible

The Philip Speechlive service and app work with Android and Apple iPhone smartphones. The Philips Speechlive cloud transcription system works with chrome in Apple Mac OS X and Windows 10.
Wi-Fi Options
A great voice recorder feature of the Philip SpeechAir cloud enabled recorder is the Wi-Fi option. This function allows you to share your dictation with your typist securely from anywhere in the world. Of course, if you are using the Speechlive app on your smart phone your 4G or 5G connection will send the dictation securely to your typist by the cloud automatically.

Transcription Software Compatibility

Older transcription software such as the Olympus digital management system (ODMS) required constant updates and expensive remote technical setup and support. The Philip Speechlive system is browser-based (chrome) so is very simple to use and requires no setup.

The Philip system works on Apple OS X computers and Windows via a Chrome browser.

How to buy?

We have a number of Speechlive packages available with the optional speech air cloud enabled recorder. It's best if you talk to us directly to ensure that we meet your unique requirements.

So please call 1300 720 709 or fill out this enquiry form and we will get back to you immediately with a complete quotation for the new cloud system. 

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