It's really important to keep up-to-date with your digital dictation and transcription system from Olympus or Philips.

There are many benefits of keeping up-to-date with your dictation software and dictation hardware:

    • Security. Updated versions of the Olympus and Philips dictation software are much more secure than older versions. They also have the latest encryption ensure that your dictation is kept securely and safely.

    • Enhanced features. Newer versions of the Olympus digital management system and the Philips speech exec have new features which make it easy to process dictation and organise it.

    • Voice Recognition. Newer versions of the Olympus and Philips dictation/transcription software are compatible with  Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional, legal and medical. Imagine not having to type at all!

    • New Voice Recorders. If you purchase a new digital recorder - such as replacing your DS5000/DS7000 with the new DS9500. You need to ensure that your dictation software is kept up-to-date so that it is compatible with these newer voice recorders.

    • New operating systems. Older versions of the Olympus and Philips transcription software do not work on Windows 10. If you're going Windows 10 then it's time to upgrade.

    At Dictation Solutions Australia, we realise that this all sounds a bit hard and complicated! That's okay, because we are here to advise you and to make the complex simple!

    Before we can provide advice about how to upgrade your Philips or Olympus dictation systems to later versions, we need to find out exactly what you are using right now.

    This will allow us to provide an accurate quotation and an estimate on how long this will take.
    Please fill out the below form and will get back to you within 24 hours with a recommendation.