With the new Speechlive cloud dictation system you can start dictating from home,
as if you've never left the office! Your typist can also work from home using a simple web browser on PC or Mac.

 By using a simple secure iPhone or Android application you can dictate directly into your phone and instantly send to your typist via the Secure Speechlive Cloud.

speechlive iphone cloud dictation

Your typist will receive the dictation immediately and playback and manage the dictation using a a simple Internet browser such as Chrome (Windows or Apple Mac). 

When your typist finishes, the document will be instantly sent back to your email for review.

It really is that simple!

There's no clunky voice recorder which you need to dock on your computer, charge or carry around.

There's no complex transcription software to install on Windows.

Dictate into your phone. Send. Receive back from typist. All securely completed from home or anywhere you choose. 

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