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- Medical Transcription Specialists

Need fast, accurate transcription right now?

On-demand, multi-speaker automatic transcription has finally arrived.

Evolve your transcription process now!

Order Dragon Medical One & Save

Why pay for expensive dictation services or extra staff?

Save thousands using cutting-edge cloud speech recognition and AI summaries.

Machine learning and advanced GPU based neural networks have now enabled you to transcribe complete meetings, interviews or voice dictations extremely quickly and accurately on and on-demand basis - saving you thousands each year.

It only takes seconds to process hours of audio. Virtually instant results.

Try it today!

Free to Try

Transcribe up to 2 hours for free

process mp3, m4a, wav plus any video format for immediate transcription and identification of speakers.

Mutliple Speakers Identified

Each Speaker is shown

Simply rename each speaker to create a usable transcript. See video below.

Extremely Fast Results

Upload audio and see results instantly

One hour of audio only take s a few minutes to complete transcribe.

Server is US based. Please check your compliance requirements before uploading.

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