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The Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) is a software application that can record, manage, and encrypt digital audio files. What sets Olympus's software apart from simpler recording tools, is its abundance of features designed to help businesses. The ODMS program is trusted by organisations representing a wide variety of industries - from health care to law enforcement - who depend on it to simplify their workflow, protect their privacy, and organize their data. The Olympus Dictation Management System software is powerful enough to meet the demands of even large enterprises, yet simple enough to learn in just minutes, and it includes several useful features that can help to protect users' data in the event of a system failure or security breach.


Recording meetings, interviews, or conversations is an important aspect of many different professions. In some industries, creating a complete record of an interaction can be necessary to prevent liability or prove that best practices were observed. In other fields, audio recordings are more a matter of convenience, allowing users to keep a chronicle of their work without the onerous task of writing or typing their words. Some of the sectors that have most enthusiastically embraced dictation technology include first responders, medical professionals, and lawyers; using software for dictation and transcription allows these professionals to focus on the task at hand, without pausing to document their actions or worrying about the accuracy of the record.

Several versions of the ODMS are available, so users can select the package that best suits their needs. The two core modules are for Dictation and Transcription; the former offers more features for recording, while the latter includes more options for playback that can be used by a typist creating a transcription. While the ODMS was designed to make the most of the latest recording hardware, it is still fully compatible with several generations of Olympus's recording devices and foot pedals. The ODMS software can be purchased either individually, to be used with hardware already on hand, or as part of a bundle with recording or playback devices – such as the new Olympus DS9500 voice recorder or the new Olympus AS9000 Transcription Kit.

ODMS Features

Automated File Management

The ODMS can be configured to automatically save audio files to any destination within your local network, or by sending them to remote addresses using email or FTP. The program fully utilizes the built-in wi-fi capabilities of the DS-9500 recording device, allowing files to be transferred wirelessly, and also supports direct connections using a LAN or USB cable. In addition to managing user-recorded audio files, the system can also be set up to manage other types of documents, such as text files containing transcriptions.

Olympus's software supports several audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, and DSS (Digital Speech Standard) and DS2,  the last of which was specifically designed for speech dictation and includes relevant features such as metadata about the speakers. Users are able to select their preferred format for recording, and the software includes tools that make it easy to convert files between these formats - should the need arise.

Keeping Data Secure

The ODMS includes several features that help organisations guard their data. The system can automatically backup users' files on a remote server, ensuring that they'll remain available even if the original copy is lost or corrupted, and it also features built-in 256-bit encryption, which can keep data completely private even if viewed by an unauthorized third party.

Compatible with Dragon

The ODMS was designed for compatibility with Dragon Speech Recognition software, which can transcribe single speaker audio recordings in real time with remarkable accuracy. Dragon is among the most popular speech recognition programs available due to its powerful options, consistently clear transcriptions, and ease of use. The ODMS and Dragon will connect through the former's Transcription Module, giving users a tool for instant, hands-free writing that many workplaces find invaluable. Connecting the ODMS software with Dragon voice recognition does require some expertise. So please Dictation’s Solutions today if you wish to use this advanced feature as we can manage then implementation effectively for you. Voice Recognition can radically reduce the amount of typing that staff will need to complete. Often by up to 90%, so it is a well worthwhile investment

Easy Setup

New with Version 7, the ODMS features a convenient Start-Up Wizard that makes it easy for even non-technical users to install and configure. By following this short, simple process, users will quickly become familiar with the system and can finely control how their recordings are processed. If users ever want to change their system's interface or file management settings, the ODMS offers flexible controls that make these alterations very simple. That being said, there are some very advanced features within ODMS. If you need to use advanced features then please speak to us as we can provide an implementation service to ensure that you have a rapid transition to the latest digital management system. Dictation solutions can visit you on-site in certain locations and can provide remote assistance anywhere in Australia using team viewer.

So talk to us today about implementing the latest Olympus digital management system in your office.

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