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Repair Assessment (Tape transcribers)

If you have an older Philips Tape recorder or Transcriber that is no longer working and out of warranty. Then you can order our repair assessment service. We will assess the device for repair, provide you with a quotation for repair, then repair the device and returned it to you.


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Only the Philips tape transcribers such as the Philips LFH720 transcriber  the Philips 388 Pocket Memo / Philips 488 pocket memo are repairable.


Please note that the device may be irreparable.

In this case your assessment for repair is non-refundable, because we have to spend at least one hour assessing it for repair.

However, we will provide an equivalent store credit for the repair assessment cost, so that you may purchase a new recorder.

Important: the minimum repair cost is usually $330.

The repair may be higher than this. Your repair assessment fee will be deducted from the total repair cost. For example, this repair assessment fee is $130. The minimum repair cost is $330. So provided the repair is simple, then you will be paying a difference of $200.


  1.  Add this service to cart and check out.
  2. Ship the unit to us for repair 
  3.  We will call you to advise of the repair costs