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Olympus AS9002 Transcription Module

ODMS R7 Transcription Module is compatible with audio created on older Olympus digital dictaphones such as:
  • Olympus DS-7000
  • Olympus DS-5000
  • Olympus DS-3500
  • Olympus DS-3400
  • Olympus DS-2400


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ODMS R7 - Transcription Module License Key

ODMS R7 is free to download - A licence key is required for activation. Download ODMS R7 from here -

ODMS R7 Transcription Module is provided as standard with the Olympus AS-9000 Professional transcripton kit.
Already own a licenced copy of Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 transcription module? If so you can upgrade to ODMS R7 transcription module via Olympus AS-9004.
You would buy this software if:
  • You have replaced your computer and have misplaced your original software install CD and licence key
  • You have an RS-28 or RS-31 USB foot pedal and want to transcribe audio


The Tech Specs

Playback or Recorder Functions

Finish dictation Yes
Pending dictation Yes
Display and edit dictation properties Yes
Job data for new dictation Yes (Dictation Module Only)
File playback types DSS Pro | DSS | WAV | MP3
File record types DSS Pro | DSS (Dictation Module Only)
Sped/Tone/NC/Volume control Yes
Time stretch control Yes
Recording level meter Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Playback level meter Yes
Real-time counter Yes
Cut out or delete file sections Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Index marks Yes
Instruction commets Yes
Verbal annotations Yes
Insert/overwrite mode Yes
Variable Control Voice Activation (VCVA) Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Cue/review Yes
Smooth cue/review Yes
Methods of transferring finished dictations Email | FTP | Network, Manually or Automatically
Direct recording Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Operation via configurable hot keys Yes
Network independent recording Yes
Transcribe next dictation Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Audio channel separation Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Telephone recording Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Encryption 128/256 Bit AES (real time) for DSS Pro (Dictation Module Only)
Encrypted file playback 128/256 Bit AES for DSS Pro

Speech Recognition

Geared for Dragon Speech Recognition Software Direct Integration for Real-time (Dictation Module Only) and Background Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Geared for Dragon Speech Recognition Software Direct Integration for Real-time (Dictation Module Only) and Background Speech Recognition

Dictation List

Join audio files Yes
Split audio files Yes
Import and export audio files Yes
Individual folder path setting Yes
Renaming of folders Yes
Creation of sub folders Yes1
Configurable  dictation list columns Yes
Dictation process, status indication Yes
Filter functions Yes
Dictation / document linking Yes
Operation via configurable hot keys Yes
Drag & Drop dictations Yes
Change dictation information from list Yes
Synchronise dictations after re-establishment of network connection Yes

Hardware Customisation / Configuration

Device option settings Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Device customisation Yes


Automatic sending of dictations Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Automatic dictation classification according to author ID Yes (Transcription Module Only)
DSS Pro encryption mode Real-time/ On Demand
Automatically receive document Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Automatic sending of documents Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Notification fo new dictation Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Dictation ownership Yes
Move dictations to Recycle Bin (no delete) Yes
Synchronise digital voice recorder with PC time Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Resolve filename conflicts while downloading Yes
Refresh dictation list Yes
Download all dictations to a specified location Yes
Automatic download at device plug-in Yes
Automatic backup Yes
Automatic file renaming Yes
Automatic original file deletion after download Yes
Automatic profile switching  Yes
Manual download selection Yes
Automatically open word processor when starting transcription Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Automatically collect finished transcriptions by author ID Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Erase dictation files after transcription fully finished Yes (Dictation Module Only)
Job data request at download Yes
Start Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® software Yes
Receive files from DS-9500 via Wi-Fi Yes

User Settings

Configurable footswitch pedal functions Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Download without main window Yes
Assign hot keys Yes
Playback control settings Yes
Transcribe bar settings Yes (Transcription Module Only)
Direct recording settings Yes (Dictation Module Only)

Software Administration

Automatic software & firmware update Yes
Error Logging Yes
Central management for individual user settings Yes - System Configuration Program Required
Silent firmware / application update Yes - System Configuration Program Required
Silent install option setting Yes - System Configuration Program Required

Operating Systems & Requirements

Windows Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional SP1 (x86/x64)
Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 Enterprise/Pro/Windows 8.1 Update (x86/x64)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 Enterprise/Pro (x86/x64)