How Dragon Professional Legal will benefit you and your law practice

Technology touches every facet of the legal profession. Legal professionals have recognised the obvious benefits of voice recognition software - especially in terms of reducing transcription costs and speeding up legal document creation.

The top ten reasons why Dragon Legal should be an essential part of your legal practice: 

1. Your Voice is a Valuable Tool and should be exploited to improve efficiencies
Legal professionals utilize Dragon Legal software naturally and intuitively simply by speaking. Ultimately, speech recognition software allows a lawyer to more efficiently manage time-consuming processes and process copious amounts of information required to meet legal standards and demanding client requirements. You can speak far quicker than you can type. Why not take advantage of that fact and start dictating all your correspondence to dramatically reduce your transcription costs?

2. Your Legal Terms are Accurately Recognised
Dragon Legal voice recognition software includes a specialized database of legal terminology that allows lawyers to effortlessly retrieve relevant specialised legal terminology words when dictating formatted citations, briefs, and contracts, etc. Each lawyer can customise voice commands for legal specialties or standardised content. Additionally, the legal vocabulary has been created from a deep analysis of 400 million words from thousands of legal documents.


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Reduces Your Time-Consuming Legal Processes
Dragon Legal speech recognition software generates a platform that automatically creates work efficiencies. Studies have demonstrated that speaking inputs information three times as fast as an above-average typist. Even if you are a fast typist, how many years you think you can continue to type at a fast rate without injury? Not to mention dictation is far more enjoyable and intuitive than typing.

User-Voice Recognition Accuracy
Dragon Legal includes a proprietary deep learning platform that continuously improves its ability to precisely recognize the voice of its user. This is a most advanced speaker -dependent voice recognition technology in the world and continues to be adapted and improved for further efficiencies. With Dragon legal you can immediately start dictating documentation. There’s no need for voice training or for reading callous paragraphs. Dragon Naturally Speaking will understand you immediately and continue to improve over time automatically. You’ll be dictating within five minutes of installing the program.Dictation Accuracy that Meets Legal Standards 

 Dragon Legal’ s software is customisable and, upon command, formats documents to user specifications.  Create an infinite amount of reusable templates and specialty forms. From the moment you begin to use Dragon Legal voice recognition software, Dragon will generate accurate dictation that is immediately usable in your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, LEAP just about any other program on your Windows computer.

  • Reduces the Harmful and Painful Effects of a Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

A Repetitive Stress Injury, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, impacts both the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and is primarily caused by poor ergonomics and repetitive tasks over time. By reducing the need to repeat such tasks, Dragon Legal voice recognition software reduces the strain on the body, thus proactively assisting in preventing future injury.

  • Maximizes Document Workflow

Often, administrative tasks account for the majority of time in a legal professional’s daily routine. Clearly, this impedes upon billable hours and profit potentials. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a workflow platform that frees up a lawyer’s time by streamlining time-consuming administrative tasks. Additionally, this maximised workflow integrates time spent on specific tasks with the billing system in real time. If you can dictate three times faster than you can type, imagine the effect of this efficiency gain on your billable hours!

The Benefits of the PowerMic Option 

  • nuance powermic III

Dragon Legal empowers it users, as there is no need for headsets with attached microphones. Legal professionals can easily toggle between dictation and other tasks. Dictation can be done on the go improving mobile user's efficiency. The nuance PowerMic III hand-held digital microphone is ideally designed for legal professionals. It produces highly accurate dictation and has handy features such as a mouse controller and buttons that allow you to move between fields within a document. Many of our Dragon legal packages are bundled with the nuance PowerMic III at a discounted rate. You could also consider our wireless microphones or desktop microphones, which are highly convenient.

  •  Reduced Transcription Costs

Dragon legal supports digital audio file input. That means you can use a professional digital Dictaphone or certain mobile phone applications to record your voice. You can then run those digital audio files through the Dragon legal program or have a staff member do this. Dragon will transcribe your specific voice into text automatically. This can be checked in corrections can be made which improve the accuracy of the program. This is a highly efficient way of turning your voice recordings into text automatically. Please note, Dragon legal does not have the capability of transcribing an interviewer meeting. It is designed specifically for your voice. Your transcription costs will plummet once you have mastered this professional dictation technology.

  • Custom Voice Commands

Dragon Legal allows for the creation of customized voice commands. These voice commands insert standardized text or even digital signatures. Dragon Legal even permits its users to create efficient multi-step macros. What this means is that if you have repetitive text that needs the idle document when you can simply assign a voice command to this text and Dragon will automatically produce multiple paragraphs or types of bullet plate text. This means that you can rapidly process repetitive tasks by voice without having to re-speak or retype documentation. One of our specialised Dragon trainers can take you through this process to ensure that you master this capability quickly.

What does this mean for you?

Put simply, once you have transition to Dragon legal as your primary input for your documentation and emails then you will significantly improve your personal overall efficiency. Dragon legal also decrease your reliance on other staff members. This will save you money and time. The return on investment for Dragon legalism very short typically for a busy lawyer especially, when you consider how many extra billable hours you could squeeze in each week by improving your efficiency by using speech recognition technology.

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