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VEC SP-PC Headset


  • • 10 ft. cord for flexibility at the transcriber’s station
  • • 3.5mm right-angle stereo plug for computer use.
  • • Lightweight personal headset with a pouch for personal storage.

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VEC SP-PC headset with 3.5 mm stereo connector for PC's. The SP-PC is light weight, comfortable and the finest style of dictation headset available. It's two speakers give balanced and crystal clear delivery. Its under-chin bow, twin speaker style headset is comfortable and practical. The set itself weighs in at less than 1 oz. The SP-PC comes equipped with two soft, velvet like ear cushions. This unit is a must for anyone, the heavy transcriptionist or light user. Comes with extra-long 10-foot cord to reach your PC soundcard. This headset has compatibility with stereo connections, and has a 3.5mm stereo plug end.