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Olympus WS-833 Voice Recorder

Main Features
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  • USB Direct Connection with Battery Charge
  • Efficient transcription with “Voice Playback“ & “Transcription Mode“ playback modes
  • Zoom microphone mode supports recording from a distance.

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Olympus WS-833 Digital Notetaker - Excellent for speech recognition


Key Specifications

  • 8GB On-Board Memory (about 120 hours in high quality)
  • Expandable MicroSD Card Memory
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking mode
  • PCM (.WAV) .MP3 or .WMA recording formats
  • Voice Balancer for meetings
  • Calendar Search
  • Rechargeable with included NiMH AAA Battery


The Olympus WS833 is a great voice recorder for starting out in digital dictation. It's simple to use and affordable. It has a USB output which plugs directly into your computer which makes the device appear as a USB memory stick, so it's super simple to transfer the audio to your computer. The user interface is also easy to understand and you can change modes very quickly. Because it has an expandable memory slot, there is really no limit to how much you can record.


The WS-833 has a specific mode for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This puts it in a high-quality audio mode that is enhanced for noise cancelling. We use this recorder extensively with Dragon premium and professional 13 and the results are outstanding. You do need a reasonably quiet environment, otherwise you need to plug in a noise cancelling headset for example if you are travelling in the car and there was a lot of road noise. Once you dictated your voice into the recorder you simply drag the files onto the Dragon NaturallySpeaking user interface and it will automatically start transcribing your dictation. Remember, Dragon can a transcribe your trained voice it will not transcribe multiple speakers, interviews or meetings. Dragon doesn't come with this recorder you need to purchase it separately from our website.

We bundle Dragon Premium with this voice recorder at a discounted rate. So if you're considering using speech recognition, you are better off purchasing this Dragon Premium WS 832 package.

The WS833 is the starting point for serious digital recording – The addition of the PCM format for recordings means that you can capture extremely high-quality .wav files (44.1Khz @ 16bit) which is great for anyone who needs quality reproduction for broadcast or distribution. The added benefit of having PCM format is that the WS833 is the cheapest recorder we have that will work with the new Dragon Profesional 15 software.

The built-in microphone is stereo and allows you to capture interviews and conversations from both sides of the table. This makes it a bit easier if you are manually transcribing later on as you can switch between the left and right channel to enhance the audio playback quality.

There is a special Voice Balancer feature which minimises the variations in volume when recording a large number of speakers sitting closer and further away from the Olympus voice recorder. The Voice Playback feature also makes listening back to a meeting a breeze by automatically cutting out any silence in the recording and skipping straight to the parts you need to hear.



  • Olympus WS-833 Digital Notetaker
  • 1 x AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • Stereo Headphones


Basic Specifications

Internal Memory 8GB
External Memory microSD
(up to 32GB)
PC Connectivity USB Direct
Recording Format PCM / MP3 / WMA
Battery Required 1-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery
Battery Charge (USB/AC) Yes
Max. Recording Time 1980 hours
Max. Battery Life(Recording) 37 hours