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Olympus RS30W Wireless Remote Control For LS Series

Product Highlights

    • Infrared remote control
    • 2 buttons (REC & STOP)
    • package includes remote control (incl. battery) and receiver for remote-in socket of LS series

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    The RS30W infrared remote control features two handy buttons to stop and start recording, and a multi-angle receiver makes it possible to operate the device remotely from all directions.

    Wirelessly start, stop, or pause your LS-10, LS-11 or LS-100 recorder with the RS-30W Remote Control from Olympus. This simple to use device simply connects to the remote jack of your unit and the handheld remote allows for control start, stop and pause functions while recording. This remote is perfect for musicians who record with the recorder placed out of hand's reach.

    LED status light on remote makes easy to operate start and stop functions