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Olympus RecMic RM-4110S

Key Features

  • USB Microphone with slide switch button and trackball
  • Intelligent two microphone system for best results in noisy environments
  • Microphone stand for hands-free dictation
  • Smooth UV coating and silent buttons to reduce touch noise
  • 4 Programmable buttons for customised workflow


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    This USB microphone expands Olympus’ “simple, reliable, flexible and secure” design concept by augmenting it with “integration” – boosting productivity to new levels. The RecMic RM-4110S is a total system solution with available RecMic Configuration Tool and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for IT administrators and systems integrators. The beam forming microphone records your voice while reducing background noise helping to make this the perfect input device for speech recognition. Thanks to the support of HID keyboard mode this device is compatible with any third party application, which can be controlled with regular keyboard shortcuts.


    Enhanced Speech Recognition Accuracy by Intelligent Dual Microphone System

    The new RecMic series incorporates low noise omni-directional microphones and Shock Resistant Mounting which reduces touch noise from your hand. The Triple-Layer Pop-Filter blocks the wind noise when talking into the microphones. Speech recognition accuracy is dependent on the signal-to-noise ratio of the recording, which means achieving clearer voice and lower noise are the two key factors. The Beam Forming function works against the noise from the surroundings, since the voice will be enhanced while surrounding noise will be reduced drastically. The strong directionality is achieved through the Intelligent Dual Microphone System which actively monitors and analyses the phase difference while recording. Users can choose three different modes, Quiet Environment, Noisy Environment for Speech Recognition, or Noisy Environment for Classic Dictation to best match their environment.


    The RM-4110S RecMic II is created to cater to the highest demands of professionals who want the best usability and results with any speech-to-text solution. The RM-4110S also comes with an extra smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to reduce disturbing touch noises. The device is equipped with an antimicrobial surface meeting hygienic requirements, especially when used in medical environments. 

    These Olympus Microphones have been tested by Nuance and awarded with the highest level of Dragon Certification.
    The Olympus RM-4110S RecMic II...

    In contrast to RM-4100S, the slide switch model RM-4110S offers a trackball with highest usability for easy and fast navigation instead of the 7 customizable function buttons. The recommended use case for this model is the classic dictation


    Faster Cursor Navigation and Mouse Control...

    The integrated track-ball allows controlling your mouse cursor while dictating. The smart trackball accelerates the moving speed when needed and can be clicked to trigger the left mouse click.


    Closed Loudspeaker Chassis...

    Thanks to this clever construction, the speaker generates enough volume with good sound quality even from the smaller opening of the body. This also helps to keep the speaker unit away from dust.


    Triple-Layer Sound Studio Pop-Filter...

    The microphone housing now includes a triple layered pop-filter. The construction blocks the wind noise of the mouth when talking into the microphones and is ensuring that no pop-noises are recorded. Thus, best results with speech recognition are achieved. If your typist is doing your transcriptions, she/he will love the pleasant recording quality as well.


    Effective Against Microbes...

    The antimicrobial materials in the surface of the devices effectively protect against microbes. The Polygiene technology behind that is based on the natural ability of silver ions to inhibit the growth of microorganism.


    Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection...

    The dedicated microphone stand allows you a hands-free dictation, while operating with other instruments. The RecMic II automatically switches to wide directional, so you do not have to care about microphone settings when switching between hands-free and classic dictation.


    Full compatibility with keyboards...

    The user can select between three different modes, which are operating in a standard HID-Keyboard mode. Two are pre-defined button settings either for Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition and the third is fully customizable via the Olympus RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT). Organisations that make use of virtual environments also benefit from the HID keyboard mode, because no special drivers need to be installed.


    Noise Cancellation Recording...

    The advanced noise cancellation feature identifies voice and keeps it as it is. At the same time non- or low-relative sound is suppressed without distorting the voice. Anytime. Anywhere.

    The noise cancellation and directionality settings can be configured via the RCT (RecMic Configuration Tool) Software or via button combinations without any software



    Overall Frequency Response 200 - 9,000Hz
    Microphone Sensitivity -39dBV
    Microphone Sensitivity Difference Conference: 0dB
    Dictation: -12dB
    Voice Recognition: -18dB
    Variable: -7 to -56.5dB
    Maximum Output 350mW
    Microphone/Speaker diameter 8mm/28mm
    Power Consumption (Current) Standard mode: 278mA or less
    Low power mode: 80mA or less
    Input Level +86dBSPL(-48dBv)
    Includes: Microphone Stand
    Operating System Windows: Windows Vista/7/8.1/10
    Mac: Mac OS X 10.5~10.12
    Cable Length 2.5m / 8 feet
    Dimensions (mm) 171x43.2x32mm
    Weight(g) 185g (including cable)