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Olympus ME31 Compact Gun Microphone

Product Highlights

    • The directional microphone which can be used in various ways such as recording a lecture and a field sound
    • The metal cutting body realized high rigidity
    • The grip which can be attached to the microphone stand and the tripod is supplied
    • The stand can be placed on a talble with the grip attached
    • The wind screen is supplied to decrease the wind noise


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    Olympus ME-31 Overview

    The Olympus Compact Gun Microphone (ME-31) is a directional mic that is designed specifically for recording to a digital voice recorder. The mic's directional design cuts down on background noise, clearly capturing one specific voice or sound without. Further reducing extraneous noise would be the included wind screen. The ME-31 boasts a durable metal construction and also comes with a desktop microphone stand for interview or conference settings.

        Directional mic design cuts down on interference and hones in on one voice or signal

        Microphone features durable metal construction and a wind screen to reduce wind noise

      The included desktop microphone stand is ideal for interviews and features a removable grip




      Type Electret condenser type
      Directionality Unidirectional
      Frequency response 70 to 14,000Hz
      Sensitivity -36.5dB (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1kHz)
      Output impedance 1.1kΩ
      Power supply Plug-in-power system (2 to 5V)
      Plug Ø3.5mm 3-pole gold-pated plug*1
      External dimensions Ø21mm (max. dia.) x 155mm
      Cord length 1.5m
      Weight Approx. 97.5g (including cord)
      Accessories Grip, stand adapter, stand, windscreen, case
      • The same sound is output from both the left and right channels at the time of playback.
      • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
      • This microphone cannot be used connected to a recorder without a function for supplying power to an external microphone.
      • Sensitivity is not guaranteed when this product is used in combination with another company's recorder.
      • Also read the instruction manual of the device to which this product will be connected.
      • Connecting and disconnecting the microphone during recording will cause a malfunction and noise.