Olympus LS-P4 Audio Recorder

$279.00 $269.00


The LS-P series makes high-resolution audio recording possible. The
Olympus LS-P4 introduces the world’s 1st FLAC digital voice recorder to
record and playback in FLAC format. FLAC format allows you to maintain
high-resolution audio while reducing fi le size, without any loss in quality. With
greater depth and fullness in high resolution audio these rich recordings
bring listeners closer to the original sound. The stylish compact LS-P4 is the
recorder you carry for every song, every session, every season.

• TRESMIC- Three microphone system for high-quality recording
• Records and stores FLAC, PCM and MP3 file formats
• 8GB, stores up to 253 hours of audio
• Bluetooth compatible
• Enhanced on-board editing including Overdubbing and FadeIn/FadeOut technology
• Lightweight, high quality metal body
• 39 hours battery life
• Built-in USB connector transfers fi les to PC/Mac