Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit



Olympus AS-2400 Digital Transcription Kit

Please Consider purchasing the new AS-9000 Transcription Kit as the AS9000 is a newer model for a similar price.

Key Specifications

Compatible with all Olympus digital recorders (DS, DM, WS, LS, VN)
Three position foot pedal control (USB and Serial)
Includes Olympus DSS Player : Transcription Module
Both Windows PC and Apple Mac compatible

One of the most tedious, strenuous and time consuming tasks in any office that deals with dictation is the transcription of that audio into text. Sure, you can use Dragon speech recognition software to transcribe high-quality dictation but what about meetings, interviews and other recordings that speech recognition can’t handle?

Well if you have ever tried to transcribe a recording without the use of a transcription kit then you know just how hard it is. The Olympus AS-2400 is a great mid-level transcription solution that includes everything you need to quickly and easily listen, control and transcribe digital recordings on your PC and Mac.

The RS-28 Foot Pedal has three customisable switches to allow you easy access to start, stop and skip functions of the DSS Player software meaning that you won’t need to jump in and out of windows or even take your hands away from the keyboard.

Proper transcription headphones can make life a lot easier too – the E102 is specifically designed for transcription use which means they are light-weight, clear and comfortable and the pack even comes with various sizes and shapes of ear foam so you can get the right fit for you.

DSS Player Transcription Module is an industry standard for digital transcription and works with all Olympus digital recorders and most other brands too. It is designed to integrate perfectly with the Olympus DS series of Professional Dictaphones and makes managing and monitoring your files and transcriptions a breeze.

Even if you do use Dragon speech recognition, the use of a transcription kit can make third party corrections so much easier by giving quick access to the playback controls.


Olympus DSS Player Standard (Transcription Module)
RS28 Foot Pedal Control (USB and Serial Port connectors)
E102 Stereo Transcription Headset (+ Extra Foam Pieces)