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Premium Support Program - Digital Transcription & Recorder


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There is no easier way to get going with your new digital transcription gear than with our Premium Support Program. We will help you click by click through the installation and workflow setup of your new hardware/software and we'll teach you all the basics, right over the phone or remotely via your PC. Have a new question or a change to your workflow tomorrow? No problem, just give us a call and our Premium Support staff will assist you.

Premium Support Program includes:-

  • Up to one hour remote setup and installation via teamviewer
  • 12 Months phone - email technical support
  • Professional advice on how to integrate digital transcrition into your office workflow
  • Expert advice about how to integrate Dragon Speech Recognition with digital transcription and voice recorders

    Olympus and Philips transcription equipment are advanced products with
    many features which can be challenging to setup and configure correctly. Especially if you are transitioning from a analogue tape system or older voice recorders.

New clients often require help to setup and configure the software to achieve good results - in the shortest possible time. We can't always come to you, so we use the latest technology in remote access to assist you in setting up you new transcription kit or voice recorder.

You can learn all about how to use and get the most out of your transcription gear from anywhere in Ausralia. Our remote training takes you step by step through all parts of the software and workflow setup. You'll receive dedicated time with a training expert that knows your software inside and out, all you have to do is ask. Each feature is described and explained in a way designed to be easy to understand and simple to follow.

TeamViewer: Voice Recognition Australia uses an industry standard remote support/training application called TeamViewer. It's secure, trustworthy and we will simply email you a link so you can access the program. You will see 100% of what we do on your screen, so there no need to be concerned about this remote technology.

Voice Recognition Australia has a technical support team that have been trained by Olympus and Philips.
Our Premium Support Program staff are available 9am-5pm Mon-Friday, however you will need to book your remote setup/installation in advance by contacting or calling us once you have placed the order.



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