Andrea Electronics USBSA Pod Adaptor



Andrea USBSA Pod Adaptor

Key Features

Upgrades analogue headsets to digital USB
Andrea’s PureAudio Noise Canceling DSP Technology

Connect your favorite analogue headset via a USB connection with the Andrea USBSA USB Sound Pod. The USBSA is essentially a USB sound card housed in a small USB device an allows you to bypass your PC or Macs onboard sound card completely which generally means better quality audio and reduced electrical interference.

Most machines are packaged with very basic on-board sound cards, it isn't a specification most people look for when buying a new PC or Mac as most users aren’t doing broadcast audio or speech recognition. Using the Andrea USBSA gives you the audio quality of a high quality sound card for a fraction of the cost of changing your on-board system (i that is even an option).

The USBSA is identical in audio profile to the USB interface on the Andrea NC181VM USB headsets and is ideal for upgrading your analogue headset for use with Dragon Speech Recognition.