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Acoustic Magic II USB microphone


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Acoustic Magic VoiceTracker II USB Array Microphone

The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker 2 is a new USB array microphone for use in a variety of applications. In particular, the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker is great for lectures, taking sound recordings of meetings, use with voice recognition software and in home automation. The microphone has a range of up to 30 feet and includes a noise filtering capability utilising Voice Tracker's Location Dependent Squelch technology.

The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker 2 will track your location as you move around the room, allowing for 180 degree movement, making it the perfect device for recording lectures or presentations. This technology will keep you free to roam around a room without needing a headset and allows you to concentrate on delivering your presentation.

The Array microphones will automatically track a speaker as they move around and steers the active microphone towards the source – this makes for clearer and more consistent audio while the acoustic echo cancellation features ensure a reduction in the feedback and echo caused by a locations design and shape.


Using the Voice Tracker II with Dragon Dictate

I suffered a road accident nine years ago. As a result of the accident, I have constant double vision. I am a lawyer by profession and have to type rather long documents. As you can imagine, that task had become rather difficult and onerous. It is much better and convenient to be able to simply speak to my computer and have my words typed out in front of me. It is also much better not have to wear something on my neck or on my head all the time, especially if I have clients. With the Voice Tracker™ II microphone I can look at the job and do my work. I am very happy with the quality of the recognition I now achieve and which I never obtained before and I did not have to wait for my secretary to be freed to be free to be able to do my work.

As I said this implement is really a lifesaver for me.
Kind regards,


Using the Voice Tracker II with Skype, NetViewer and GoToMeeting

We already have one Voice Tracker II in one of our meeting rooms. Now we have built to new rooms and wanted the same good experience. We are using many different applications, starting with the free Skype to NetViewer and GoToMeeting.

Conferencing Microphones

Using the Voice Tracker II Microphone for VoIP conferencing

The VoiceTracker II delivers!

Our conference room is approximately 12ft. wide and 35ft. in length. The conference room table isabout 20ft. long and approximately 10ft. away from the wall where the Voice Tracker II was sitting. We were a bit skeptical whether the device would pick up vocals from the other end of the room(approximately 30ft.) and deliver them clearly. We were astonished at how well it picked up the vocals from the other end of the room. On top of that, the echo cancellation works perfectly - no more echoes from the party on the other end! It is obvious that a lot of time and engineering went into this great product.

Some other suggested applications for the Voice Tracker:

Meeting and lecture recording:

Because the Voice Tracker can pick up at very long range while suppressing background noise, with a 360° field of view, it's best application in terms of units sold is meeting recording, lecture capture, and courtroom recording.

Lecture capture is the most appealing since more than 360 schools use the Voice Tracker, and many are large quantity users (have bought more than 100). The Voice Tracker is recommended by most of the lecture capture such as Tegrity, Echo 360 and Panopto. See the attached sales guide to understand the several benefits the Voice Tracker offers in this application.

Both the Voice Tracker™ I and the Voice Tracker™ II can be used for these applications. The Voice Tracker™ I is usually preferred for meeting/lecture recording because of its longer pickup range, easy ceiling mount, and lower price. The Voice Tracker™ II is chosen if the user wants portability, or wants to use the microphone for additional applications like distance learning or conferencing.


The attributes that make the Voice Tracker™ I a good choice for meeting recording make it ideal for conferencing as long as it is connected to a system that has acoustic echo cancellation (Polycom, LifeSize, etc).

Some VoIP systems have good acoustic echo cancellation, others do not. For these applications, we recommend the Voice Tracker™ II since it has a built-in AEC.

Automatic Speech Recognition:

Some people can't or don't want to use headsets or handheld microphones for automatic speech recognition. Consequently, we have sold quite a few Voice Trackers to doctors, lawyers and handicapped users.

Both the Voice Tracker™ I and Voice Tracker™ II are equally effective in this application. Some people like the Voice Tracker™ II because of its portability.