Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the dominant speech recognition program in the world for the last 20 years. However, it's only been in the last few years where a highly specialised medically focused speech recognition program has become available for Doctors in Australia. Dragon Medical has over 60 specific specialist vocabularies. This makes it highly accurate, very reliable and far more efficient than typing or using a typing service. 


Dragon Medical practice edition 4.1

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With Dragon Medical voice recognition you can dictate directly into your medical programs such as Genie, medical director, best practice, Shexie, Core Plus and many many more. It also works brilliantly within a pathology laboratory or radiology environment.

Dragon Medical practice edition four is supplied as a complete system. That means we either set up the software, microphone and integrated with your medical records on-site at your location in a major capital or we complete all this using remote tools such as TeamViewer. That means we can fully assist you to integrate speech recognition into your daily work no matter where you are.
We will work closely with your existing IT contractor or department to ensure that the installation and setup go smoothly.

This specially designed software comes with a complete service to optimise your practice.  Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 includes:

  • Dragon Medical 4.2 Software license
  • Handheld or headset microphone. Wireless or Corded.
  • 12 months help/desk technical support
  • On-site or remote training
  • Optional digital voice recorder set-up
  • Our unique PDF quick training guides.

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