Top 10 reasons why Australian doctors are turning to Dragon Medical One for dictation

Australian doctors rightly demand freedom, portability, ease of use, high accuracy and more from their chosen speech-to-text system. After all, as a medical professional, Doctors have so many competing responsibilities that consume their time.
Wresting with your medical dictation system shouldn't be one of them.

Make 2021 the year that Dragon Medical One improves your dictation experience and saves you hours each day.

dragon medical one

1. Work from home remotely -  One Cloud Dragon Voice profile

With a single voice profile, Dragon Medical One enables you to have an experience that's consistent, personalized and seamless -- no matter what Windows PC you are using in your practice, your home or in the hospital. Dragon Medical one synchronizes all of your vocabulary, voice modelling and specialized voice shortcuts in the cloud so that is always available. This is seamless and automated and is a big improvement over Dragon medical practice edition.

2. Compatible

In addition to providing accurate and secure cloud-based clinical voice recognition across various Windows® devices, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is compatible with all Australian medical records programs. Whether you're using Genie, Best Practice, Medical Director, Shexie, audit four, or any other medical program - Dragon Medical one will work directly with it on your Windows computer or your server.

3. Easy to Use

The learning curve involved in implementing this speech to text tool is very short. To use it, simply open the app, move the cursor where you want to start documenting patient information and start talking. Because there are no per-user limits, there's nothing to stand in the way of your productivity. We still provide individualised integration, installation and user training to ensure that you get the most from the product from day one. But using the program is very straightforward.

4. Secure and encrypted

There's really no need to reiterate the importance of patient privacy and security because it's something that every doctor is always aware of. Choosing speech to text tools that are cloud-based like Dragon Medical One ensures that your patients' data is always safe. At Nuance, implementing an advanced security strategy and related controls complements the core data centre security already offered by Microsoft Azure. All of your data is securely hosted in the Australian Microsoft data centre and meets all of the legal requirements for medical patient privacy and data retention.

5. More affordable than Dragon medical practice edition. 

Dragon Medical One does not require an expensive microphone and the entry price point is significantly lower.

6. Simple Installation

No two medical practices are the same, so Dragon Medical One makes it easy to install or deploy in the way that works best for you. Because this speech-to-text system was designed to be implemented virtually, you can install it on any laptop or workstation. It's also easily deployed as a virtual app or through a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
Dragon Medical One and can also be installed on your Windows server alongside your medical records program. It is a very small lightweight installer as all the processing is completed in the cloud. You don't need a very powerful Windows computer to run this, any Windows tablet PC will be fine. Dragon Medical one is not compatible with Apple Mac,  however if you are running a Mac system and remote into a Windows server than we can install Dragon Medical One on the server allowing you to remote into and use the product from your Mac.

7. Get Started in seconds

The installation takes a matter of seconds. There is no voice training required. You just start using the Dragon Medical One program and it will immediately adapt your voice using artificial intelligence. There is no accent modelling or anything else to slow you down. No matter how - or where - you need to do medical dictation, you can get started in seconds with Dragon Medical One. Additionally, because it includes automatic updates, your speech to text abilities will improve as the underlying technology improves. That's one of the big advantages of the subscription service. You are always getting the latest state-of-the-art speech to text technology. And it's all transparent to you. It just works. And accuracy will dynamically improve through use on a regular basis.
Our expert trainer will remotely and configure this for you. We'll also provide one-on-one training at that time to ensure that you get the most from the program. This is included in the package.

8. Go Mobile

Dragon Medical One is powerful, wireless and secure. Use it to turn any workstation instantly into a dictation station with your smartphone. You'll be able to dictate and edit documents while using your smartphone as a microphone that's both wireless and secure.
You simply walk up to the Windows terminal that you want to use and start using a mobile phone as a wireless microphone. This allows you to go from terminal to terminal or from room to room seamlessly using the same microphone application on your smartphone. You don't need to buy expensive digital microphones unless you prefer that enhanced capability.

9. Encryption as You Speak

The client applications within Nuance's speech-enabled medical dictation solution streams your audio to Dragon Medical Cloud Services in real-time so you receive seamless processing. The transmission protocols and security standards implemented within Dragon Medical One are evolving constantly in order to address new threats. And of course all the data is hosted in the Australian Microsoft Azure cloud. That means you're compliant with your Australian patient privacy and data retention legal requirements.

10. Supports the Way You Work

Dragon Medical One supports the busy Doctors of today. With the requirements for patient documentation, security and accuracy at all-time highs, this voice recognition solution increases workflow between devices and locations.

For more than 20 years, we've been working with Australian doctors to develop robust voice to text solutions. Talk to the official source.

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