Transcription Kits

Now that you've purchased your digital voice recorder you need a Transcription Kit.

What does a Transcription Kit do?

▶ The Transcription kit is loaded on your typists computer.
▶ The recordings from your digital voice recorder are configured to be sent directly to the typist using the transcription kit software.
▶ The transcription kit includes software, a headset for listening to the recording and foot pedals to fast forward and rewind the recording efficiently
Digital voice recordings are stored and managed in a secure and accountable manner suing the included transcription software.
▶ The typist can then send the text back to you for checking if needed.
This is a professional dictation and transcription system that is ideally designed for a legal and medical practice.

It can be complex to set up and configure a complete transcription system including a digital voice recorder and the transcription software.
Dictation Solutions Australia can help you set up a transcription system up either on-site or via a remote setup.

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