Transcription / Dictation Accessories

There are many Olympus and Philips digital transcription accessories that can enhance the efficiency and workflow within a busy office.

Digital dictation and transcription accessories include: 

▶ USB foot pedals
Stereo headsets for playback
▶ Replacement foam ear pads for headsets
▶ Special microphones for digital voice recorders
▶ Extra batteries
Docking stations for a voice recorder
▶ Olympus ODMS software
▶ Philips Speechexec software

And many other digital dictation accessories. Please call 1300 720 709 today.

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        Philips LFH2305 USB Hand Control

        Product Highlights For digital systems  USB plug Ergonomic design  for professional use and outstanding comfort Plug and play  for easy set up Anti-slip pads  keep the hand control in the right place ---- Transcription made easy with a Philips hand control The Philips hand control is the perfect alternative to...

        Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v11 - 2 Year Subscription (LFH4512/00)

        Speech Exec Pro v11 Transcription Software: Workflow management and automation for enhanced productivity Recorder for convenient direct dictation with Philips dictation microphones Digital Download. Activated via licence key. Encryption and backup functions for highest security 2 years of use with security updates included. Compatible with Speechlive Cloud (extra service) ---- Once the order...

        Philips SpeechOne Cushion ACC6005, 5-pack

        Product Highlights Cushion set SpeechOne headset  5-pack   ----   The only professional dictation headset with a precision microphone and lossless audio transmission Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed tomatch the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognitionto create documents. The premium decoupled microphone...

        Philips ACC2320 USB Foot Switch (3 pedals US style)

        Product Highlights For digital systems USB plug Fast and efficient playback control for quicker and more accurate transcriptions Configurable pedal functions for a personalized transcription style Robust pedals and non-wearing magnetic contact switches that are built to last  ---- Transcription made easy Keep your hands free for non-stop typing Work faster and more accurately...

        Philips DVT4010 VoiceTracer Audio recorder

        Product Highlights Optimized for conversations MP3 recording for clear playback and easy file sharing AutoAdjust+ for perfect settings in every situation High-quality microphone for utmost speech clarity ---- Precise conversation recording with automatic adjustment of audio settings Different environments require different audio settings for an optimal recording quality. AutoAdjust+ analyses the audio signal and...

        Philips ACC0232 Headphone - Stethoscope style in-ear version

        Product Highlights Professional headset  that enables concentrated transcription in busy office environments Neodymium magnet  enhances sensitivity and sound quality Lightweight design improves comfort  for prolonged use Under chin style to fit all ears  for better comfort ---- Outstanding audio quality with Philips transcription headphones The lightweight stethoscope-style headphones use a...

        Philips LFH0005 Half hour mini Cassette Tape (Set of 5 Tapes)

        Product Highlights Direct drive solution for avoiding tape damage Supplied in a protective clip for safe tape handling Lets you record 30 minutes ---- Product Description (5 tapes) The 30-Minute Mini Cassette Tape from Philips is an analog tape mini cassette specifically developed for dictation purposes. It is designed to cope with the rigorous stop-and-start demands...

        Philips LFH9034 USB audio adapter

        Product Highlights Connect your headphones or speakers to computers  without audio port or sound card Stereo playback  with no reduction in sound quality ----   Bring stereo sound output to your computer with the Philips USB audio adapter Add stereo sound output to computers via the USB port even if...

        Philips ACC8100 Rechargeable li-ion Battery

        Product Highlights Lithium ion technology for repeated recharging Enjoy full battery capacity over and over again Save the environment and money compared to alkaline batteries The ideal battery for Philips dictation recorders ---- Extra long recording with the rechargeable li-ion battery With the new rechargeable lithium ion battery you can record even longer now....

        Philips ACC1120 Shock-proof case for SpeechAir

        Product Highlights Extra shock resistance for maximum protection Antimicrobial surface for hygienic working Raised edge for protection against screen damages Noise resistant polished surface for silent operation ---- Extra shock resistant for maximum protection of your recorder The SpeechAir case has been developed to ensure maximum protection for your voice recorder, making it perfectly...

        Philips LFH0153 rechargeable Battery

        Product Highlights Enjoy the full capacity over and over again NiMH technology for recharging multiple times Save the environment and money compared to alkaline batteries ---- PHILIPS rechargeable "AA" batteries - compatible with LFH388 & LFH488. Features Enjoy the full capacity over and over again A Nickel-Metal Hydride battery can be re-energized fully...

        Philips LFH2236 Dual Headphone "Walkman"

        Product Highlights Professional headset that enables concentrated transcription in busy office environments 30 mm speaker driver delivers big sound performance Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound ---- Outstanding audio quality with Philips stereo headphones Ultra-lightweight headphone designed for comfort during extended use. The bass beat vents produce deep, rich sound....

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