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Thousands of Australian doctors and lawyers are switching to SpeechLive. 

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It's time to move to Next Generation Dictation.Work remote or from home using cloud dictation technology.

Like all professionals, you live by your detailed correspondence, notes and files. You see so many people in your practice in any given week that it's impossible (and irresponsible) to simply rely on your memory to remember the details of your meetings and consultations. However, dictation and recording your thoughts and facts of a client or patient history has traditionally been cumbersome, especially when you are away from your practice or office. SpeechLive is changing all of that. The Philips cloud-based dictation service is just as flexible as you are and can travel with you wherever you are doing business, from the courthouse to the "big house", from the examination room to the ER. Speechlive works as well in Australia as it does when you are travelling overseas.

Why Philips SpeechLive?

Philips SpeechLive is a digital transcription service and voice recorder smart-phone App (iPhone & Android) that allows you to record dictation and have the audio transcribed almost immediately by your typist, a typing service or via voice recognition. Because the recording is stored in the secure Australian cloud, the typist transcribing your notes can be located anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Speechlive does not require additional software or device to upload files. You dictate directly into the SpeechLive phone App or the SpeechAir voice recorder and your files are encrypted and automatically uploaded to our cloud server. Your designated typist will receive the audio in seconds, and they can start typing using the web browser playback interface supplied with the Philips SpeechLive service. You will receive notification on the SpeechLive app that the dictation has been completed and the dictation can also be emailed directly to you as an attachment email straight back to your smart phone. It's that easy.

SpeechLive offers a host of benefits over traditional desktop dictation services and even other digital dictation, especially for doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Just a few of these benefits include:

Use your smartphone.

You don’t need an old-school bulky Philips or Olympus voice recorder anymore. Just use your favourite iPhone or Android mobile. Doctors and lawyers are constantly on the go, whether it's traveling from your office to courtrooms or to meet with clients or traveling from one hospital or clinic to another. Philips SpeechLive allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Your files are stored in a secure cloud server, so you can access them from any device with Internet access. This means you can refer to and add to notes while on a break at court, at a client's office, at a clinic or from a patient's home. You are always carrying your mobile phone with the SpeechLive app installed. Ready for dictation at any moment. That’s convenience.

Cloud Enabled Voice Recorder Option

If you want the enhanced audio recording and slider switch features of a recorder, the new Philips SpeechLive enabled SpeechAir cloud voice recorder is available. The convenience of cloud, with the capability of a premium digital voice recorder in one package.

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Dictate from anywhere at any time.

With SpeechLive, you aren't tied to your desktop or even laptop computer, you can dictate in your personal smartphone or other mobile device. That means fewer written notes that can get lost and more complete records. It makes working in the field or out of the office as convenient as if your office assistant was right outside your office. Cloud technology makes this possible.

Enhanced high security protocols.

Working remotely used to mean trading security for convenience. Not with SpeechLive. We are state-of-the-art security technology, including HTTPS protocol, automatic double encryption in real-time, server mirroring and an automatic back up. Australia based hosting ensure you are compliant with Australian privacy laws.

A subscription for every professional

Each professional person's needs are unique. That's why Philips offer a variety of dictation subscription packages. Some of these packages include a certain number of minutes for the Philips typing service and speech recognition service. One or two year subscription packages are also available. The big advantage of a subscription service is that you are always getting the latest version. The newest security protocols and new features each month. Why use outdated technology?

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        iPhone SpeechLive Dictation and Transcription System 1 year (1 Author, 1 Typist)

        Package Highlights Dictate into your iPhone Send dictations instantly and securely to your typist. Includes typist footpedal and headset. Second year renewal is only $579. Typist can playback and edit on Apple Mac OSX using Chrome. ---- YOU GET: 1 year Subscription with 2x  Speechlive accounts (author & typist)  PCL1152/00...

        Android/Samsung SpeechLive Dictation and Transcription System 1 year (1 Author, 1 Typist)

        Package Highlights Dictate into your  Android smartphone (samsung, sony, lg, etc) Send dictations instantly and securely to your typist. Includes typist footpedal and headset. Second year renewal is only $579. Optional SpeechExec Pro 11 addon if your typists needs extra features. ---- YOU GET: 1 year Subscription with 2x  Speechlive...

        Smartphone Automatic Transcription System - Speechlive & Dragon 15

        No need for a typist. Manage your dictation automatically without typing. Dictate into your iPhone or Android phone Send dictations instantly and securely to your Windows PC  Philips connects automatically with Dragon 15 speech recognition Dictation is automatically typed ready for your review on your PC. Single speaker dictation. (not for...

        $1,390.00 $990.00 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Philips Speech Air Recorder & 1 Year SpeechLive System (1 Author, 1 Typist) PSP2100

        Package Highlights Dictate into the new Philips SpeechAir Recorder (PSP2100) Send dictations instantly and securely to your typist. Includes typist footpedal and headset hardware kit. Second year renewal is only $579. ---- YOU GET: The new Philips SpeechAir Cloud enabled Voice Recorder (PSP2100) 1 year Subscription with 2x  Speechlive accounts...