Olympus DS-9500 Voice Recorder - Precise Dictation

Digital Dictation Technology is changing the way you practice law.

Now you can find answers in seconds rather than hours. You have more access to information than ever before. With the right dictation tools, you can cut your operating costs and still compete better than ever before.

voice recorder ds9500Every day the playing field is leveling more and more for the smarter, smaller firms, who are able to keep up with the changing digital environment and harness the power of the newest technologies to get the job done better and faster than ever before.  The future favors those who know how to adapt to change. 

Olympus Dictation, a Japanese engineering power house which has been a world-wide leader in professional, scientific products for nearly 100 years, provides the combination of premium audio recording with an intergrated dictation software solution - the AS-9000 with ODSM.

Olympus is an audio recorder technology pioneer. Olympus has created a new set of voice recording and transcription products that can put fast, easy, high quality transcription within everyone's reach. And now your transcription is more accurate than ever. No longer do you have lug an old cassette player to your board meetings, investigation and depositions.  No longer do you have to worry that the old recorder might fail. Gone is the fuzzy poor recording quality of analogue tape.  Gone are the tapes that get stuck in the machine.

Olympus DS9500 Voice Recorder 

olympus ds-9500

The New DS9500 digital voice recorder from Olympus records your dictation with greater clarity and precision and the software creates a seamless workflow. You can use while you are traveling. The New DS9500 has over 9 hours of battery life and wifi email features. This is the ultimate portable professional voice recorder.

No more will you have to worry about when the transcriptionist can pick up the tape up. No more will you have to wait in line to get the work back or worry about mailing your only copy of the recording and never seeing it again. Now the conversation is recorded into digital files which you can easily keep track of, share and store.

Olympus dictation software supports DSS, DSS Pro, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats. You simply upload your digital dictation file to one of the 24/7 web-based transcription services and you will know exactly when you will have your transcript back. You can make and keep as many backups of the file as you want in seconds, by simply clicking "copy" and "paste." You will save time and work. You will be in control.

Supreme Audio Quality. Greater mobility. Japanese engineering precision.

Yesterday's tape solution was clumsy and limiting, too awkward and too expensive for most practitioners to use regularly. Today's technology will help you harness dictation as an efficient, cost effective work tool. 

The Olympus DS9500 professional grade digital voice and dictation recorder will allow you to record more, have more transcribed, get it in writing and control the data more.  This easy to use, futuristic recorder is the new school take on an old school tool - that puts the power in your hands to solve your client’s problems faster.

You will be able to use written transcription more affordably than ever. 

This product works with and is compatible with the highly-rated voice digital dictation 'Nuance Dragon' voice recognition software (available at an additional cost). Features include Wi-Fi technology, intelligent Dual Microphone System, solid build and enhanced security. These recorders are the perfect solution for voice recognition and transcription tasks.

AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit and the new Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software.

olympus as-9000 transcription footpedal kit
The Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit combines with your Olympus voice recorder to provide a powerful easy-to-use solution for your business.

 You will have a four-button foot control pedal, headset and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software, you can integrate into the workflow of any office system and make data sharing fast and simple between everyone in your work force no matter where they are in the world.

The AS-9000 Transcription Kit supports Citrix and Terminal Service. Wi-Fi technology mean you can send your digital dictation files from anywhere in the world to your transcriptionist to be transcribed without the cables or your desktop computer.

Olympus Digital Audio Recorders and Other Olympus Accessories available for purchase include mic adapters, cords, remote control, carrying cases, protective cases, dead cat windjammer, and earphones. The WJ2 Windjammer silences the ambient noises you don't want like wind noises when you are recording in a car or outside.

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        Olympus DS-9500 Voice Recorder

        Product Highlights Record in PCM (WAV), MP3 & DSS Formats Internal 2GB Memory & SD Expansion Dual-Mic System with Selectable Modes File Transfer via Wi-Fi or USB 2.0 Durable Shockproof Body ---- Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Dictaphone Introducing the Olympus DS-9500 - a professional grade dictaphone that is packed with...

        Olympus DS-9000 Professional Voice Dictation Recorder

        Product Highlights Dictation with Clarity & Noise Reduction Intelligent 2-Mic System Slide Switch (Rec / Stop / Play / Rew) 256-Bit File Encryption Does not include dock or power supply see DS9000 Pack ---- FEATURES SPEECH RECOGNITION WITH ACCURACY, CLARITY AND NOISE-REDUCTION Intelligent dual microphone technology settings ensure optimization for...

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        Olympus DS9500 & AS9000 Dictation Package

        Out of Stock. Discover the Cloud Based Medical Transcription system for your Smartphone ---- Olympus' premium dictation recorder, the DS-9500, is now available in a bundle with the AS-9000 typing kit at a reduced bundle price. You will save by purchasing this bundle over the individual items. The Olympus DS-9000 is...

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        Olympus AS9000 Transcription Kit

        Important: We are moving all our clients to cloud dictation. Please call 1300 720 709 before ordering this unit. RS-31 4-Button Foot Control Pedal For Use with DS-Series, DS-XX, RM, DM & WS Series Voice Recorders Easy Data Sharing and Distribution 256-Bit Encryption for Data Security Multiple-Format Playback ---- AS-9000...

        $449.00 $369.00 Read moreRead more

        DS-9000 Recorder & Docking Cradle/Power Supply

        Product Highlights DS9000 recorder plus CR21 Docking Station and Power Supply Value alternative to DS-9500 & easier to use than DS9500 Twice the battery life of DS9500 & Boots up twice as fast as DS9500 Direct replacement for DS7000 Does not have wifi or email capabilities like DS9500. ---- If...

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