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        Ear Sponges - For Philips LFH334 headset

        For Philips LFH-334 Headset ---- Replacement  sponges for the Philips LFH334 transcription stereo headset. Five sets in each packet shipped.   FREE SHIPPING 

        Ear Sponges - For Olympus E-62 Headset

        For E-62 Olympus Headset ---- Replacement  sponges for the  Olympus E62 transcription stereo headset. Five sets in each packet shipped.   FREE SHIPPING 

        Olympus E99 - Transcription Headset

        Mono Headset for transcribers Comfortable to put on and off Cord Length: 1.5m Mono, 3,5mm jack ---- Mono Headset For Transcribers A headset that is perfect for use with a desktop transcription machines featuring a 3.5mm jack. The E‑99 comes as standard equipment inside all Olympus Microcassette transcribers. Cord Length:...

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        Infinity FlexFone FLX-10 headset

        Product Highlights Features Deluxe twin speaker headset. Volume control and stereo/mono switch. 5 ft. cord with a 3.5mm Includes a HE-2. (5 ft. stereo cord extender) Lightweight personal headset with a pouch for personal storage. ---- FlexFone FLX-10 headset was designed to be comfortable for long sessions of use. The extra...

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        Philips PSM6500 SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

        Studio-quality microphone The professional microphone guarantees accurate speech recognition results and transcriptions, even in noisy environments. Decoupled microphone for crystal-clear recordings Designed for dictation and speech recognition Triple layer noise-reduction filte ---- SpeechOne+Dock+StatusLight+Remote Package contents SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset Docking Station Status Light Remote Control  USB cable Neckband Headband attachment...