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        Philips ACC0232 Headphone - Stethoscope style in-ear version

        Product Highlights Professional headset  that enables concentrated transcription in busy office environments Neodymium magnet  enhances sensitivity and sound quality Lightweight design improves comfort  for prolonged use Under chin style to fit all ears  for better comfort ---- Outstanding audio quality with Philips transcription headphones The lightweight stethoscope-style headphones use a...

        Philips LFH9154 Rechargeable Batteries AAA (DPM 9600)

        Product Highlights Enjoy the full capacity over and over again NiMH technology for recharging multiple times The battery for Philips dictation recorders ---- Record longer with rechargeable batteries Benefit from long-lasting performance for your digital recorder. Nickel-Metal Hydride technology allows recharging up to 1000 times and makes replacement of the batteries almost unnecessary....

        Philips LFH9034 USB audio adapter

        Product Highlights Connect your headphones or speakers to computers  without audio port or sound card Stereo playback  with no reduction in sound quality ----   Bring stereo sound output to your computer with the Philips USB audio adapter Add stereo sound output to computers via the USB port even if...

        Philips ACC1120 Shock-proof case for SpeechAir

        Product Highlights Extra shock resistance for maximum protection Antimicrobial surface for hygienic working Raised edge for protection against screen damages Noise resistant polished surface for silent operation ---- Extra shock resistant for maximum protection of your recorder The SpeechAir case has been developed to ensure maximum protection for your voice recorder, making it perfectly...

        Philips LFH9173 Tie Clip microphone

        Product Highlights  A tie clip keeps the microphone always in place Condenser microphone  for superb recording quality Wind shield  reduces unwanted noise A perfect companion  for your mobile recorder ---- Not a single word lost Maximise your recording options The clip-on microphone is an omnidirectional condenser microphone for recording situations...

        Philips ACC9016 16 GB SDHC memory card for DPM8000 series

        Product Highlights High-speed data transfer for quick and easy file transmission High quality and reliability for maximum performance ----   Never run out of storage with a Philips SDHC memory card The Philips SDHC memory card combines massive storage capacity and fast data transfer rates in a memory card no bigger than...

        Ear Sponges - For Philips LFH334 headset

        For Philips LFH-334 Headset ---- Replacement  sponges for the Philips LFH334 transcription stereo headset. Five sets in each packet shipped.   FREE SHIPPING 

        Philips ACC0034 USB replacement cable for SpeechMike series

        1x Philips SpeechMike USB Replacement Cable ----- Compatible with: Philips SpeechMike Premium:LFH3500, LFH3510, LFH3600 and LFH3610.   Philips SpeechMike III:LFH3200, LFH3210, LFH3300 and LFH3310

        Philips LFH236 Ear Sponges Replacement

        These Philips LFH-236 Replacement Headset Sponges are for use with the Philips Walkman Style LFH-236 Headset. Replaces Headset sponges for LFH-236. FREE SHIPPING