Dragon Medical One Vs Dragon Professional. What's the difference?

Dragon Medical One Vs Dragon Professional. What's the difference?

In the recent past, you must have heard of the discussion about the differences between Dragon Medical One and Dragon Professional 15 versions in the medical field, commonly referred by clients as "dragon vs dragon medical".  And so, what's the key differences between the two versions? For the sake of our clients and prospects, I would wish to give a piece of detailed information on the two and give a compelling reason why dragon medical has proven worthwhile compared to dragon professional.

The first key difference you might notice is the content and price. Dragon medical practice edition is more expensive compared to dragon profession. This begs the question why. Dragon medical is loaded with more content to facilitate dictating in the medical profession hence value for money on the content provided.  So how much is Dragon Medical One?

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Medical vocabulary 

Dragon Medical practice Edition has as much as 90 specialties and subspecialties at your disposal. Dragon vocabulary set isn't just an array of words put out but also entails commands on the appropriate way a specialist should use the word in a sentence. Utilizing the vocabulary radically increases your accuracy in the Dragon. Therefore, this is regarded as one of the unique features that a medical practitioner should consider Dragon Medical as it's practically impossible to create a medical vocabulary. 

Medical Formatting

When it comes to auto-formatting options in the Dragon Medical Editions, you have the control to adjust how Dragon manages formatting to meet your needs which Dragon professional does not offer. An instance of this is; 

You can set the system in such a way that it automatically capitalizes, for instance, DO NOT CANULATE. You can also opt for another option such as have abbreviations written in full, for instance, chemo to chemotherapy, cardio to cardiovascular. It similarly has the ability to hyphenate automatically for vertebrae ranges like C1 7 automatically becomes C1-7 or better yet automatically inserts a second letter to vertebrae ranges in such a way that C1 7 becomes C1 C7 automatically. This types of formatting rules can at times be created in the Dragon professional version but this action can be tedious and time-consuming and it's impossible in some cases. 

When it comes to commands, Dragon Medical Practice expands on various Dragon Professionals command types. This includes 3 additional types which design is influenced by the medical office.

Advanced Scripting:  This design complex scripts and series with the aim to undertake virtually any kind of function on your PC by the use of voice commands.


step-by-step:  The step-by-step commands initiate keystroke and menu commands that run your applications. Every step of the command has the ability to press a keyboard key, type texts, control the microphone or open an application. Such a command comes in handy when it comes to running applications as well as multistep tasks.

Macro Recorder: The Macro Recorder is designed to record a series of keystrokes and mouse movements. Dragon medical plays these keystrokes and mouse movements in the style which you recorded them when you say the name of the Macro Recorder. With all these combined, this only means you virtually have the potential to manage practically almost every feature of your workstation just with the power of your own voice.

Hidden Mode

Another unique feature of the Dragon Medical is the hidden mode. Dragon Medical features an option for the Dictation Box that enables the user to have a clear view of the display. This means that the Dictation box becomes transparent when the hidden mode is activated. What's more, this translucency is set to your own preferences. This option is of great help to medical practitioners as they can analyze data or images and simultaneously dictate notes. Even more unique when it comes to this mode is that you can command this with your own voice by saying the words, "Transfer text" which will prompt the Dragon to carry the content of the Dictation Box and place it where your cursor is, making it more preferred to Dragon professional.

As seen, Dragon Medical has tones of advantages compared to Dragon professional and practically eases your work giving you features that clearly don't compare to Dragon professional when it comes to command prompts and fulfilling your needs, which is why Dragon Medical is highly recommended in the medical field. 

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