Dragon Medical One - Order and Download Now

Dragon Medical One - Order and Download Now


There is a huge spike in demand for the new cloud-based Dragon Medical One system due to the number of doctors working from home and remotely.

Many Doctors no longer have access to support staff, so they are trying to type their own notes - which is really slowing them down at a difficult time.

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Dragon Medical One Pricing

Dictation Solutions Australia is pleased to announce they have been appointed as official distributor of the Dragon Medical One cloud-based professional medical voice recognition system. 

Dragon Medical One is available for ordering right now - Call 1300 720 709
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Dragon Medical enables Australian medical professionals to dictate directly into their medical records using the power of the Australian hosted nuanced cloud Dragon Medical one voice recognition system. This is a highly secure and accurate voice recognition solution that will transform the way that Australian doctors interact with their medical records.

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Personalised experience and improved EPR adoption

Dragon Medical One supports the ways clinicians work on-the-go and eases the effort of entering clinical documentation into patient records where documentation workflows are increasingly split between the desktop, mobile devices, and new tools outside the electronic patient record (EPR). Our team of experts give you all the support you need to plan, deploy and adopt our cloud platform. Maximise how a true, single voice profile supports use of voice recognition cloud-based software across platforms and enables clinicians to meet digitisation goals. And once you're up and running, you can easily monitor usage and access actionable analytics to help you achieve the return on your investment.