Moving from analogue tape transcriber to digital dictation?

Moving from analogue tape transcriber to digital dictation?

Eventually, you're going to have to bite the bullet and move into the digital dictation world. tap transcriber
That means you need to retire your old Philips and Olympus tape recording equipment and move into an advanced modern digital transcription and recording system for dictation.

There are many benefits when making this transition to digital dictation. The audio quality is far superior, and the digital files are compatible with global dictation systems. You can also integrate digital dictation with advanced voice recognition solutions like Dragon Professional legal and Dragon medical - which will automate your typing - saving tens of thousands of dollars per year in typing costs.
This sounds like a daunting task but really isn't. 

Dictation Solutions Australia has decades of experience 
in converting medical and legal practices from tape dictation to the new digital dictation systems from Olympus and Philips.

Before we can offer advice,  we need to gather information about your current analogue tape system.

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