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Dragon Medical Practice 4 Edition Upgrade

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dragon medical upgrade


Whats new?

  • Front end, real-time, on premise speech recognition solution with artificial intelligence 
  • What if you could… Save time – 60+ minutes per day 
  • Reduce cost – Less administration 
  • Improve patient experience –Patient-centered, faster communication 
  • Free up resources – Smarter, patient-focused and shared 

Get artificial intelligence. Get ahead in documenting care.

Quickly and easily create high-quality clinical documentation at the point of care with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

Cutting edge technology brings efficiency to the clinic environment.

Powered by a next-generation speech engine, Nuance Dragon Medical Practice edition 4 delivers precise, accurate speech recognition allowing clinicians to dictate directly into a patient’s electronic record.

Spend less time typing and clicking in the electronic patient record system. Superior speech recognition, amplified for medical use.

Distinct from non-medical speech recognition, Dragon Medical combines more than 60 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies with acoustic models based on the unique way clinicians speak -audio, syntax, style and structure – resulting in remarkable accuracy.

Dictate for real-time speech to text audio recordings to create clinical documentation.

The technical bit… Advanced deep learning technology recognises and learns voice patterns, dialects and accents. This significantly improves precision and refines performance even in environments with more ambient background noise, for example in a busy and noisy environment.

Improved decision making = faster and more accurate speech recognition!

Dragon Medical 4 upgrade works with all the programs you would expect such as Microsoft Office Word, Outlook, Excel and even Powerpoint but it also works with medical specific applications such as BlueChip, Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie.
Simply put on a headset and dictate directly into the application you need your text to appear or use the optional PowerMic II to dictate and even control the application from the palm of your hand.

Dragon Medical Practice 4 edition can also handle input from a high-quality digital Dictaphone (we recommend the Olympus DS-7000 for best accuracy) – simply make your high-quality recording while doing rounds, with a patient or even commuting and when you import the audio file into Dragon it will process an accurate transcription right before your eyes. Alleviate the strain on your administrative staff. Medical transcription can be one of the most time-intensive activities for administrative staff.

This means less time for communicating with patients and higher costs for the practice or hospital. Combining Medical Practice 4 edition with a digital voice recorder means that you can save your staff the time and strain of manually typing out your dictation by simply processing the same recorded audio they normally receive into automated text. If you are already using Dictaphones to record your dictation then the process will be unchanged for the dictator, meaning easier uptake of the new technology.
For the staff doing the transcription it is simply a process of receiving the audio file but rather than type it out they simply run it through the Dragon software, proof-read and correct and in no time at all your medical dictation is available as editable text – you can even have the text run directly into your favourite applications. Use Dragon with your existing Microsoft Word Templates.