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Why use a voice recorder when you have a recording app on an android or iPhone mobile?

If you require high quality transcription services you need the best in audio quality, security, ease of use, professional features and noise cancelling.
Phone applications are simply not designed to deliver this high fidelity and ease-of-use.
In particular, phone voice recording applications are not secure and are very poor at cancelling background noise. Are your recordings currently secure?

You spend a lot of time dictating. You will pay a lot more for your transcription and typing services if using an application on a phone compared to a professional digital voice recorder like the Olympus DS9500.

And there's one more major factor.
The Olympus and Philips Digital professional voice recorders interface directly to their dictation management software.
This dictation management software is loaded on the typist/transcription company computer and securely manages and receives the digital audio files from the Dictaphone.
The audio voice recordings are also fully accounted for, encrypted if need be and can be tracked for their typing status

In addition, the digital voice recorder management software can be interfaced directly into Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition. This  offers a huge benefit to legal and medical professionals who require expert dictation as it reduces their typing costs by up to 100%!

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        Philips SpeechAir PSP2100 Smart Voice Recorder

        Product Highlights Three professional microphones deliver ultimate sound quality in any recording situation. Send and receive files by Wi-Fi, LAN, USB and Bluetooth. Wear-free slide switch for comfortable extended use The included docking station instantly transfers your files and quickly re-charge your device. Special Offer Purchase a PSP2100 SpeechAir 2...

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        Olympus DS-9500 Voice Recorder

        Product Highlights Record in PCM (WAV), MP3 & DSS Formats Internal 2GB Memory & SD Expansion Dual-Mic System with Selectable Modes File Transfer via Wi-Fi or USB 2.0 Durable Shockproof Body ---- Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Dictaphone Introducing the Olympus DS-9500 - a professional grade dictaphone that is packed with...

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        Olympus DS-9000 Professional Voice Dictation Recorder

        Product Highlights Dictation with Clarity & Noise Reduction Intelligent 2-Mic System Slide Switch (Rec / Stop / Play / Rew) 256-Bit File Encryption Device Lock by PIN Code ---- FEATURES SPEECH RECOGNITION WITH ACCURACY, CLARITY AND NOISE-REDUCTION Intelligent dual microphone technology settings ensure optimization for many different recording environments. For...

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        PHILIPS DPM6700 Transcription Kit & Recorder Package

        Highlights Superior Audio Quality and Design Two microphones for superior stereo audio recordings Convenient push-button for professional recording control Robust stainless steel casing for extra durability ---- Enhance your productivity SpeechExec workflow software for efficient data management Large color display and clear user interface for easy, intuitive operation Light sensor...

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        PHILIPS DPM8000 - Digital Voice Recorder

        Product Highlights 3D Mic system for best audio quality and accurate speech-recognition results Built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection Ergonomic slide switch for efficient single-handed operation Light and motion sensors for extended battery life ---- Introducing the new Philips DPM8100. This machine is available in a number of versions. This Model DPM8100 has a...

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        Olympus LS100 Linear PCM Sound Recorder

        Key Features Supports PCM WAV & MP3 Audio Formats Built-In Battery & 4GB Flash Storage Supports SD Cards up to 64GB Two 90° Stereo Condenser Microphones Voice Sync & Play Sync Record Modes ---- Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track PCM Recorder Product Highlights Superb 96kHz/24-Bit Linear PCM Recording Supports Linear PCM &...

        Philips DVT8010 Voice Tracer meeting recorder

        Product Highlights Record in PCM (WAV) or MP3 Formats Internal 8GB Memory and microSD Support Low-Noise, Three-Microphone System Includes Condenser Boundary Microphone Auto Adjust and Auto Zoom Audio Settings ---- Voice- or Timer-Activated Recording 1.77" Backlit LCD Color Display Built-In 28mm Speaker 1/8" (3.5mm) Headphone Output USB 2.0, Mac OS...

        PHILIPS DPM6000 - Pocket Memo Voice Recorder

        Product Highlights Superior Audio Quality and Design Two microphones for superior stereo audio recordings Convenient push-button for professional recording control Robust stainless steel casing for extra durability ---- Philips DPM6000 Overview Philips DMP6000 - Pocket Memo Voice Recorder Equipped with two microphones and enclosed in a stainless steel casing, the DPM6000...

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        Olympus LS-P4 Audio Recorder

        Product Highlights TrueStereo / Three Microphone System USB Compatible for Windows/Mac Computers Built-In Rechargeable Battery USB Battery Charging 8GB Internal Memory ---- The LS-P series makes high-resolution audio recording possible. The Olympus LS-P4 introduces the world’s 1st FLAC digital voice recorder to record and playback in FLAC format. FLAC format...

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        Olympus DM-720 voice recorder

        Product Highlights Record in PCM (WAV) or MP3 Formats Internal 4GB Memory & microSD Expansion Tresmic Three-Microphone System Built-In Speaker Connect Direct to USB via Included Cable ---- The DM-720 from Olympus is a digital recording device capable of storing files in Linear PCM (WAV) formats as well as MP3. It can operate at...

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        Premium Support Program - Digital Transcription & Recorder

        There is no easier way to get going with your new digital transcription gear than with our Premium Support Program. We will help you click by click through the installation and workflow setup of your new hardware/software and we'll teach you all the basics, right over the phone or remotely...

        Olympus WS-833 Voice Recorder

        Main Features Superb recording with directional stereo microphones positioned at 90-degree angles to capture the best sound USB Direct Connection with Battery Charge Efficient transcription with “Voice Playback“ & “Transcription Mode“ playback modes Zoom microphone mode supports recording from a distance. ---- Replaced by Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder Olympus WS-833...

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