Transcription / Dictation Accessories

There are many Olympus and Philips digital transcription accessories that can enhance the efficiency and workflow within a busy office.

Digital dictation and transcription accessories include: 

▶ USB foot pedals
Stereo headsets for playback
▶ Replacement foam ear pads for headsets
▶ Special microphones for digital voice recorders
▶ Extra batteries
Docking stations for a voice recorder
▶ Olympus ODMS software
▶ Philips Speechexec software

And many other digital dictation accessories. Please call 1300 720 709 today.

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        Ear Sponges - For Philips LFH334

        For Philips LFH-334 Headset ---- Replacement  sponges for the Philips LFH334 transcription stereo headset. Five sets in each packet shipped.   FREE SHIPPING 

        Olympus RS28H Foot Pedal

        Hands free control in any application Hands free player control with 3 pedals Control any software* with your feet Extreme high reliability and usability ---- The RS28H Foot Pedal - 3 Pedal Footswitch is a suitable replacement for the foot pedal that comes in the AS2300, AS2400, AS4000 and AS5000...

        Olympus E102 Standard Headset

        Stereo transcription headset  Comfortable to put on and off  Haircut‑friendly design  Speech optimized sound quality ---- Olympus Transcription Headset E-102 Olympus Transcription Headset E-102 is for transcribing through PC sound card. This headset’s long cord plugs into your computer’s green jack making it ideal for PC transcription with any transcription...

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        Ear Sponges - For Olympus E-62 Headset

        For E-62 Olympus Headset ---- Replacement  sponges for the  Olympus E62 transcription stereo headset. Five sets in each packet shipped.   FREE SHIPPING 

        Infinity VEC IN-USB2 Transcription USB Foot Pedal

        Product Highlights Three-button USB foot pedal makes transcribing fast and efficient High quality ergonomic device Works on PC and Mac ---- The Infinity VEC IN-USB-2 transcription foot pedal was recently re-engineered for the highest level of performance and comfort. The IN-USB2 is a USB foot pedal designed to be a pc transcription or dictation foot pedal...

        Olympus RS31H Foot Pedal

        Hands free control in any application Hands free player control with 4 pedals Control any software* with your feet High-End professional footswitch ---- The High-End professional footswitch RS31H incorporates 4 buttons to easily control not only Olympus dictation management software (ODMS, DSS Player Standard, Sonority), but also your preferred third...

        Philips LFH2236 Dual Headphone "Walkman"

        Product Highlights Professional headset that enables concentrated transcription in busy office environments 30 mm speaker driver delivers big sound performance Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound ---- Outstanding audio quality with Philips stereo headphones Ultra-lightweight headphone designed for comfort during extended use. The bass beat vents produce deep, rich sound....

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        Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate v11 - 2 Year Subscription (LFH4412/00)

        Speech Exec Pro v11 Dictate Software: Author workflow management and automation for enhanced productivity Download and manage your Philips voice recorder. Digital Download. Activated via licence key. One PC. Encryption and backup functions for highest security 2 years of use with security updates included. Compatible with Speechlive Cloud (extra service) ---- Once the...

        Philips LFH0005 Half hour mini Cassette Tape (Set of 5 Tapes)

        Product Highlights Direct drive solution for avoiding tape damage Supplied in a protective clip for safe tape handling Lets you record 30 minutes ---- Product Description (5 tapes) The 30-Minute Mini Cassette Tape from Philips is an analog tape mini cassette specifically developed for dictation purposes. It is designed to cope with the rigorous stop-and-start demands...

        Philips LFH0334 Transcription Headphones

        Philips Transcription headphones LFH0334 A 14 mm speaker driver optimizes high audio quality Small enough for optimum wearing comfort, yet large enough to deliver crisp, non-distorted sound, the 14 mm speaker driver is the ideal size to deliver high quality sound. Gold-plated plug ensures an ultra reliable connection The precious-metal...

        Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Switch advanced (4 pedals)

        Product Highlights For digital systems USB plug Fast and efficient playback control for quicker and more accurate transcriptions Configurable pedal functions for a personalized transcription style Robust pedals and non-wearing magnetic contact switches that are built to last ---- Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control, with 4 Pedals -The ergonomic design of the Philips Foot...

        Olympus CR21 Docking Station (DS9500,DS7000)

        Charge. Connect. Transfer.  USB connection LAN (RJ45) connector Fast charging ---- This docking station for the DS‑9500, DS‑9000 is the professional add‑on, which allows you to transfer your dictations via USB or LAN (only supported by DS‑9500). Connected with an Olympus AC‑Adapter it charges your DS‑9500 in half the time than...

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