Priority Dictation Support

Sometimes you need fast, immediate support to sort out any dictation or transcription issues - whether your issue is software related, a problem configuring the voice recorder or transcription equipment itself. 



Fortunately, we understand that you need maximum up-time with your typing services. An experienced representative from Dictation Solutions Australia will remote your computer and solve Olympus or Philip dictation problems quickly and efficiently.


Please read this the following before ordering:

1. Add this service to cart and check out. This automatically puts you into "priority support." The support service booking is for a maximum of 1 hour.

2. Call 1300 720 709 and speak to one of our expert consultants. They will advise you about availability for the remote support service and schedule you on the next available 1hr time-slot.

3. Your booking time will be confirmed and emailed to you.

4. Download the quick support TeamViewer program below in preparation for the remote session.

6Our support technician will call in and request remote access to your TeamViewer session, so they can resolve any transcription/dictation issues. 

7. If the issue is complex, then the technician will inform you that it will take longer than 60 minutes and advise of any additional charges (if any).

8. Priority support is one TeamViewer session of up to 1 hour.

Priority dictation support is a great way to solve a problem quickly. However for long term peace of mind, it's worth considering one of our annual technical support corporate packages. We can provide a complete technical support service for your organisation based on the number of dictation devices and typist. Please contact us today about this service.