Olympus ME30W Conference Kit



Olympus ME-30W Conference Microphone Kit

If you are trying to capture quality recordings of larger meetings or conferences then you are going to need high-quality microphones – the Olympus ME30W delivers.

Combine the ME30W with your favourite stereo Olympus Recorder (We recommend the DM5) and you can be rest assured that every moment of your meeting will be captured with the best possible audio reproduction. The ME30W consists of two separate conference microphones on mini tripod stands that can be placed at two spots in the room (up to 5 metres apart) and connected via cable to your recorder – this means a more rounded, balanced recording of all participants.

The massive 20Hz – 20,000Hz range of these microphones means that you are sure to have quality coverage for vocal recordings but is also ideal for capturing audio of performances like musicians and concerts.


2 x Omni-Directional Conference Microphones
2 x Mini Tripod Stands
Carry Case