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Olympus DS-3500 Dictaphone


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The Olympus DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictaphone

Key Specifications:

SD and MicroSD card memory (2GB MicroSD included, about 140 hours)
.DS2, .WAV and .MP3 recording formats
Large high-contrast colour display
Rechargeable with Lithium-Ion Battery Included
Append and Edit Feature (push button)
Lockable with 256 bit file encryption

    The DS3500 digital Dictaphone is second in digital dictation only to its big brother the DS7000. The DS3500 offers the options of the industry standard .DS2 format or common .MP3 and .WAV formats meaning that it is flexible to almost any situation.

    The DS3500 is the cheapest recorder on the market to include the new Olympus Dictation Management System software (ODMS) which means it integrates easily and quickly into an existing ODMS environment. The colour display is large and easy to read with all the most important information emphasised and three customisable buttons on the face of the device mean that you will never be stumbling around to find the settings you need.

    Transferring files to your PC is as easy as connecting the included USB cable to your Windows PC or Apple Mac and copying the files across like a USB Thumb drive, this system makes it easy to use your DS3500 with any PC or Mac as no additional software is required. Use the ODMS software if you want to be able to automatically download and manage your recorded audio files through the straight-forward user interface.

    The ability to edit recorded audio files is available through the push button controls on the side of the metal body which means they are always easy to find even without looking and the device is as reliable and durable as you would expect from market leading Olympus.

    Combine this unit with an Olympus AS7000 Digital Transcription Kit or Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 speech recognition software and you have a truly powerful dictation solution.


    Olympus DS3500 Digital Dictaphone
    Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
    USB Cable
    Olympus Dictation Management System Software
    Carry Case
    2GB SD Card