Transcription / Dictation Accessories

There are many Olympus and Philips digital transcription accessories that can enhance the efficiency and workflow within a busy office.

Digital dictation and transcription accessories include: 

▶ USB foot pedals
Stereo headsets for playback
▶ Replacement foam ear pads for headsets
▶ Special microphones for digital voice recorders
▶ Extra batteries
Docking stations for a voice recorder
▶ Olympus ODMS software
▶ Philips Speechexec software

And many other digital dictation accessories. Please call 1300 720 709 today.

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        Philips LFH9172 Meeting Microphone

        Philips Meeting Microphone LHF9172 Built-in wire storage and length adaptation The innovative conference microphone offers built-in wire storage and length adaption for a clean and tidy conference table. Expandable through cascading Cascading allows for maximum expandability. Fast and easy set up for hassle-free installation The fast and easy set up...

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        Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Switch advanced (4 pedals)

        Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control, with 4 Pedals -The ergonomic design of the Philips Foot Control range sets new standards in terms of usability in the professional dictation arena. The development is based on detailed research into the movements made during transcription. Work faster and more accurately by using your foot to...

        Philips ACC2310 USB Foot Switch (3 pedals, PHI style)

        Work faster and more accurately by using your foot to start and pause the playback of audio files. The ergonomic design was developed by closely studying transcriptionists’ movements. No need to lift your foot, a slightly pressing with the foot tip is enough. Both of your hands are always free...

        Olympus ME33 Boundary Microphone

        CAPTURE MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES IN CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND The ME-33 boundary microphone is the next generation of omni-directional sound capture equipment from Olympus. Combined with an Olympus professional voice recorder, the ME-33 is the ideal solution for recording meetings, conference calls and more in large rooms with many attendees.  The ME-33...

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        Philips LFH4401 SpeechExec Pro 10 Dictate Software - Download

        Product Description Use the power of your voice SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software links authors and transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can...

        Philips LFH4501 SpeechExec Pro Transcribe V10 - Licence Only

         Workflow management and automation   for enhanced productivity  Recorder for convenient direct dictation with Philips dictation microphones  Popup alerts for notification of new important tasks  Encryption and backup functions for highest security   Workflow management and automation for enhanced productivity Easily monitor and manage the workflow between authors and transcriptionists....

        Olympus RS32 - 3 Button Hand Controller For Digital Recorders/Transcription

        HANDS-ON TRANSCRIPTION FROM OLYMPUS Perfect for the new generation of transcription typist who have grown up not using a foot pedal. The hot-key transcriptionist will find the ergonomic design of the RS-32 more comfortable and the ease-of-use tapping dedicated audio controllers a better experience than the hot key when using...

        Philips LFH0743 Dictation Hub License for iPhone PDR for 1 year

        Philips LFH0743 productivity on the go with a professional dictation solution. The Philips Recorder for iPhone is designed to fit perfectly into the Philips SpeechExec Dictation Hub. Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from your iPhone offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround times.  Highlights Designed for professionals Clear user interface...

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        Olympus RS31H Foot Pedal

        The RS-31H Foot Pedal is a suitable replacement for the foot pedal that comes in the AS9000 Transcription Kit. It is offered for sale individually as many customers require additional pedal units.   Specifications Control 4 Software configurable pedals with non-slip mat PC connection USB 2.0 (Type Mini B) Full...

        Philips LFH0747 Dictation Hub License for Android PDR for 1 year

        Product Description Productivity on the go with a professional dictation solution The transcription set is a digital document creation solution specifically designed to make transcription easy and intuitive. The Philips recorder app is designed to fit perfectly with the Philips SpeechExec software suite. Recording, editing, and sending dictation files from...

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        Philips ACC 8120/00

        Philips ACC 8120/00 USB Docking Station for DPM4