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Philips LFH9172 Meeting Microphone

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Philips Meeting Microphone LHF9172

Built-in wire storage and length adaptation

The innovative conference microphone offers built-in wire storage and length adaption for a clean and tidy conference table.

Expandable through cascading

Cascading allows for maximum expandability.

Fast and easy set up for hassle-free installation

The fast and easy set up of the meeting microphone allows a hassle-free installation.

No microphone stand required

The Philips conference microphone does not need a stand to set it up and therefore offers outstanding ease of use. Revolutionary technology in a straightforward form.

360 degree sound pick-up for optimal recording

Sound pick-up from a 360 degree radius for a perfect recording experience.

Boundary layer design using the sound pressure

The innovative boundary layer design of the conference microphones uses the sound pressure of the table to provide excellent sound and recording quality.