Dragon Professional Individual 15 (PC) - Government

For government only. Digital download.

  • Licence to 1 user, and the user can install the Dragon software up to 4 Windows Computer
  • Can replace mouse and the keyboard as a verbal commands.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  • Compatible with Office 2010/2013/2015/2016 and Office 365



Professional 15 has more commands and is more powerful for business use.

All Dragon Licences are PER PERSON. If you have two users you need two licences.

Please select the USB Drive installer (accessories) if you are unable to download executable files from a server for installation.

Volume/enterprise licensing is available for government. Please contact us on 1300 255 900 so we can provide an accurate quotation.

  • Professional is the most powerful of Dragon edition which means fast dictation, advanced features with a massive Australian Vocabulary.
  • Professional can be loaded on to for computers for the one user. (Premium is one computer only)
  • Professional has a larger vocabulary which makes it more accurate and suitable for professionals and business people.
  • Dictate directly instead of typing and see your productivity accelerate as speech recognition saves you time and money.
  • Dictate all your email with NaturallySpeaking Professional as the software supports Microsoft Outlook and this includes full voice commands.

You will be astounded by how quickly you can dictate an email.
The software is much more powerful than Dragon Premium Editions.
Almost all applications work with Professional. Includes full Digital Mobile recorder/Dictaphone support, so you can dictate when out of the office and then have process the recorded files at a more convenient time.
Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 15 is most accurate when used with the NC181USB microphone package - much more accurate than the basic analogue mic.
** Please Note** This edition of Dragon does not support Electronic Health Records (practice management software). For this support you will need to purchase Dragon Medical One.


  • Improved Accuracy: Dragon Professional 15 Individual delivers the biggest improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to earlier versions. This means that Dragon gets you, and you get things done, faster than ever. And when you do need to make a correction, Dragon learns, making it more accurate the more that you use it.

  • Faster Processors Yield Faster Performance: If you use Dragon on a computer with multi-core processors and more than 4 GB of RAM, Dragon 15 automatically selects the BestMatch V speech model for you when you create your user profile in order to deliver faster performance.

  • Better performance: Dragon boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before.

  • Enhanced Experience with Gmail and Hotmail: Dragon enhances the experience of using your voice with two of the most popular web-based email applications — Gmail and Hotmail — offering Full Text Control and commands for the most frequent actions in Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 12 or higher, and Google Chrome 16 or higher.

  • Correction: When it comes to correcting a word or phrase, Dragon now includes more choices to make it quicker and easier to make a change.