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Dragon Professional 15 - Academic Educational Student (Windows PC)

Educators, academics and students can all benefit from speech recognition technology.

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Dragon Professional 15 Educational Academic

Dragon Professional 15 educational academic provides speech recognition at an affordable price. Professional is the most powerful and feature rich edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 15.

No features have been removed - it is fully featured and highly accurate. It has simply been discounted to encourage educational and academic users to integrate speech recognition into their daily workflow.

Voice recognition Australia has thousands of academic users across Australia.

They use Dragon voice recognition for different reasons:

Dictating lengthy PhD submissions and other academic writing is much faster with Dragon. Usually about three times quicker than typing, not to mention the fact that you won't injure your wrists and hands by using speech recognition.
Disability services. Most universities, TAFEs and schools have a disability unit that provides assistive technology to ensure that students have the best opportunities possible. Dragon has proven to be a critical application in supporting students with disabilities. Voice Recognition Australia has maintained a relationship with most of the major Australian universities to ensure that they have the latest speech recognition and the best digital microphones.

University and School staff often use Dragon speech recognition to complete their normal administrative duties. It's much faster and easier than typing.

Our experience over the last 15 years is that educational institutions are very forward-looking in their use of assistive technology.

Almost every academic institution in Australia is using speech recognition.
Primarily Dragon Professional because of the discounts that are offered to universities, TAFES and schools.

Volume licencing is also available. This allows universities and schools to license dozens or more users at a much lower rate than the retail box product.

Please contact us directly for a quotation if you have more than five users. It's much more cost-effective to initially purchase a volume license agreement with Dragon Professional 15 academic than it is to buy multiple boxed retail editions..

We also have a number of headset microphone options including wireless, desktop and digital voice recorders. These products are highly suitable for academic institutions and educational use. We can advise you on what is best.

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