Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4




Dragon Medical 4.1 Licence for one Doctor. The product is shipped on USB and via digital download.  The licence includes 12 Months Software Assurance. which ensures that you receive the latest version if released in the next 12 months.

Licence does not include a microphone, tech support or training. These can be added as accessories.


If you order the software without the complete support and training package option then you will be receiving the software licence only. We highly recommend that you select the training and support accessories package as it is complex to setup and configure correctly with your medical record software. If you call for support without ordering the complete package, you will be charged at an hourly rate of $199 inc gst (min 1 hour). 

So why are Australian doctors using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.1 speech recognition software?

We have many doctors who are now using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 in Australia.

The feedback is that they use Dragon Medical for the following reasons:
Reduce Transcription Costs and Delays: Dragon Medical is much faster than dictating into a voice recorder and then have someone else type it up, send it back and then finally proofread. Traditional transcription is also very expensive. Also, because transcription is expensive, doctors are likely to dictate as little as possible.
Compliance requirements mean that doctors actually have to type more detailed notes and include more information about the patient — not less. This is the opposite of what occurs when doctors have to pay for transcription and have to wait for their staff to manually transcribe it in their office.
Improved documentation. Dragon Medical empowers doctors to create richer patient notes in much shorter periods of time because they can dictate directly into their medical practice software such as Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie, core plus, Total Care and so on.
Dragon Medical also allows them to save quite a bit of time. They don’t have to wait for transcription, they simply dictate directly into their medical practice software. This is the most efficient and direct method. This also gives doctors direct control over transcription, as they do not have to rely on a third party to complete their work. It is very efficient to dictate straight into medical practice software. This can also lead to a more cost-effective and profitable medical practice.
Because the doctor is dictating patient notes directly, it frees up support staff to complete other tasks. This will ultimately save the medical practice money.
The bottom line is that Dragon Medical increases practice efficiency and profitability. Yes, there is an initial investment and you need to spend at least a few hours learning how to use the software to get the most out of it. But the return on investment should be within a month or two once you start using speech recognition on a regular basis.
We can provide a quotation for a specific package that suits your needs.
Volume licensing is also available for medical applications, where more than five licenses are required.
Please contact us directly for a quotation.
Custom quotations can include:
- Multi-user Software licensing,
- Handheld, wireless or headset microphones
- 12 months technical support
- On-site or remote training
- Digitial voice recorders (olympus or philips)
- Our unique PDF training guides.

We will work directly with you and your support staff, to ensure that you start getting results from day one - so that you can maximise your investment in this technology.

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