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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2
Dragon Medical One - NEW!

The latest Artificial Intelligence enabled, deep learning speech recognition technology from Nuance Communications is now available in Australia for medical professionals.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2 is deployed as a complete system including licensing, technical support, software assurance (upgrades), remote or on-site training and special digital noise cancelling microphone for medical use.

Dragon Medical One - is the new cloud based state-of-the-art speech recognition system launching Mid-Jan 2020. Be first!

dragon medical one

Dictation Solutions Australia will work with you closely to ensure that Dragon Medical is integrated into your medical practice software.
Dictation solutions has successfully integrated Dragon Medical Practice Edition with Genie, Best practice, Medical director, Shexie, Audit 4, Gentu, TotalCare and many other medical records programs.

Our unique on-site services to deploy and integrate the Dragon Medical voice recognition software is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. We will come directly to you to ensure a smooth and easy transition to this revolutionary voice recognition technology. If we can’t get directly to you then we will provide our integration services online using a remote tool called team viewer.

Dragon Medical enables the Doctor to dictate directly into their medical records software. Eliminating any requirement for staff to type letters from recordings or third-party transcription services. This will usually save the average medical practice about $60-$70,000 per year.

With the doctor dictating directly into medical records, there is no requirement for staff to provide any assistance. Not only that, but the Doctor will be empowered to complete the records immediately and because are using voice recognition, the records will be richer and more complex than typing. This will lead to better patient outcomes and better records to support government data compliance requirements.

As the Offical Dragon Medical distributor in Australia, and with over 21 years experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking - you can be assured of ongoing support and great service from Dictation Solutions Australia.

Call 1300 720 709 Today. Or fill out a Dragon Medical inquiry form.

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        Dragon Medical One - 1 Year Subscription Package

         Dragon Medical One - Pre-Order Pre-Order now for Mid-January Launch - Be first Dragon Medical One cloud & PowerMic Mobile subscription for one year Includes implementation with 1 hr user training & and 12 months support We will configure Dragon Medical One to work directly in your medical  Add a microphone as...

        Dragon Medical 4.2 & Philips SpeechMike Air Wireless Microphone

        Dragon Medical 4.2 & Philips SpeechMike Air Premium Dragon Medical 4.2 Software (Windows PC compatible) Digital Download Philips SpeechMike Air Premium Wireless Microphone FREE 12 months software assurance (upgrades) included with the license  FREE USB Drive installer and unlimited digital downloads OPTIONS: One hour remote training (TeamViewer) & 12 months help...

        $2,745.00 $2,545.00 Add to cartAdd to cart

        SALE! Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2

        Design your Dragon Medical System Dragon Medical 4.2 licence (one doctor) includes 12 months of upgrades for free. Choose training / support below and we will configure Dragon to work directly in your medical records & and support you. Add a microphone as an option below, as you will need a quality...

        $2,339.00 $2,089.00 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Dragon Medical 4.2 & Nuance PowerMic III

        Dragon Medical 4.2 & PowerMic III Package includes: Dragon Medical Software licence for one Doctor. PowerMic III Handheld digital corded microphone (integrates into Dragon) FREE UPGRADES - 12 months software assurance included! OPTIONAL: 12 months tech support and 1 hour training can be added below. 50% off training and support this week...

        $2,489.00 $2,289.00 Add to cartAdd to cart

        Dragon Medical Complete Onsite Training Package - Melbourne

        Dragon Medical 4 & PowerMic III - Complete Package for One Doctor includes; Dragon Medical Software Licence (one Doctor) PowerMic III Handheld digital corded microphone (integrates into Dragon) 2 Hour Onsite* Dragon Training session in Melbourne. 12 months helpdesk support 12 months software assurance (upgrades) included with the license Free USB...

        $3,284.00 $2,967.00 Add to cartAdd to cart