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Dragon Professional Individual Legal 15

Dragon Legal Individual 15- Digital Download

  • No longer for sale. New Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud.
    Dragon Legal 15 is supplied as a digital download. This will be issued after ordering - along with your installation serial key.
  • Dragon Legal is not supplied with a headset/microphone unless optioned in accessories.

  • This is not the enterprise version. If you need network features then contact us about Dragon Legal Group licencing. 


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Complete your legal dictation in less time and with better accuracy than ever before.

One of the most laborious tasks in any legal organisation is the transcription of legal dictation. Using Dragon Legal 15 you can not only dictate your correspondence and see the results immediately on screen but you can even transcribe your recorded dictation from your favourite digital Dictaphone.

If you are a small practice looking to eliminate the costs associated with transcription then Naturally Speaking Legal is the solution you have been looking for. With very little setting up and virtually no technical skills you can create a user profile in Dragon that will allow you to put on a headset and dictate directly into Microsoft Office Suite products like Word, Excel and Outlook. If you are using other programs like Open Office, Mozilla, WordPerfect or Lotus Notes then Dragon will work in those programs too. Not only will Dragon transcribe your dictation into text quickly and easily but it won’t make spelling mistakes!

Using Dragon Legal is easy, fast and fun and if you prefer to just record your dictation and let the administrative staff in your office handle the proof-reading, formatting and corrections you can. Simply make the recordings as you would in a traditional dictation situation but when you send them to your secretary, rather than them sitting down and painfully typing it out they simply open up Dragon and process your audio with speech recognition. All that has to be done then is to proof-read, format and correct then the job is done, saving their valuable time for other things that need attending.

Put your voice to work and improve practice productivity

Enjoy legal-specific accuracy. Built with a specialised legal vocabulary to deliver optimal recognition accuracy—right out of the gate—when you dictate legal terms.

Speed document turnaround. Quickly dictate and edit case files, contracts, and briefs by voice; even format legal citations automatically.

Boost efficiency with customisation. Add custom words specific to your practice or create custom commands to quickly insert standardised content and shortcut repetitive tasks by voice.

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs.Record legal notes using a digital recorder for later transcription by you or your staff; streamlined setup lets you transcribe audio files with speed and ease.

Use your favourite applications. Dictate, edit and control within your desktop applications by voice, and enjoy fully voice-driven editing and command capabilities in many web applications when using supported browsers.

Powered by Deep Learning

Speed legal document turnaround times

Using a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, Dragon adapts to your voice or environmental variations—even while you’re dictating—to accelerate legal documentation turnaround for improved client service. Prepare case files, contracts, briefs and format citations automatically—all by voice.

  • Create custom words specific to clients, industries, or areas of speciality
  • Insert standardised content quickly by voice using auto-texts commands
  • Short-cut repetitive tasks by creating custom voice commands
  • Work within popular business applications—often with Full Text Control for fully voice-driven editing and command capabilities







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